Steer Clear of the Noise; Stay Centered and Balanced.

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Have faith and trust in the creator. Know that what is intended to take place is divinely orchestrated to evolve in this manner for a reason. This is the case even if the ego mind has a challenging time accepting or understanding circumstances while in the throes of an event or experience.

Diary Notes on the Election Aftermath

Unsurprisingly, a day after the U.S. election those who are upset continue to throw a tantrum.  The way elections work is you have those who win and those who lose.  I had told people this over the course of the last year when they questioned my psychic prediction.  I said, “The majority are going to be voting for Donald Trump.  They’re just not going to tell you due to the violent backlash they would experience.”   We now see this is also accurate.  The majority did vote him in.  You will need to work on making your peace with it.  I haven’t been a fan of any Presidential winner, but I personally accept it.  It is out of my hands and in the hands of God.

Steer clear of the noise of politics and the fear of the ego in general convincing you that endless destruction is on the horizon.  Those fears have been perpetuated by the ego for centuries and have yet to be proven as fact.

I realize that some may have missed my original blog post on the Presidential election back on August 10, 2015.  It’s not like I repeatedly post anything presidential election related.  There are probably a maximum of only five political election related posts I’ve ever put up over the last eighteen months. Those were merely the prediction and ‘reminder’ posts of what was to come, what to beware of, and what to avoid falling into.  All of which fell upon deaf ears…..clearly.

I’ve endured and absorbed quite a bit of endless negativity posted up about the election from others for over a year.  It really is bad some of this stuff I’ve read from others.  It’s still continuing, but I will no longer be subjected to that.  The election is over and that is that.  They are bathed in so much negativity and blame.   I know others have absorbed that too while trying their best to remain neutral.  I steered clear of all that, but was still able to see how unhelpful it was.  It’s one thing to have anger about something and to express that, but to constantly complain about the same thing for over a year is dysfunctional.  I won’t partake in any part of that.

I had hoped that my accurate psychic prediction from over a year ago that Donald Trump was contracted to win the Presidency would save people a lot of time and energy knowing what was coming.  That was really the point to help them accept the outcome a year out and make their peace with it.   Most did not which has pushed them further behind schedule as the tantrums and violence rise over the outcome.

So your favorite candidate didn’t win.  That’s the luck of the draw.  People marched and protested when Same Sex Marriage was banned in California in 2008.  The same night those same people who voted against Same Sex Marriage had also elected Barack Obama as their President.  While many vehemently protested and marched over the outcome, it did not legalize Same Sex Marriage.  And for the record, I was there marching as well too.  I knew it would not legalize it, but it was my way of showing solidarity.  In fact, President Barack Obama did not do anything to change the Same Sex Marriage law.  It was the Supreme Court you have to thank for striking down the Same Sex Marriage ban….seven – years – later!

There are good and bad elements within in all things and all souls. Coming from the entertainment business world and moving in circles with actors, I know from their perspective, as well as myself being a writer, to see the heart in the most vicious monster.  To find their humanity.  The angels who are egoless see what the ego doesn’t see.  They see the heart in the worst possible person.  They see the good that person is capable of and hope for the best.  They know who that soul is at its core when stripped down out of its human physical casing when back home. They know what is intended to take place, even if one’s ego does not.  They know what is to come and why it is to come.  This U.S. election was contracted and predestined as all are.  This I know for sure.

While I’ve known the outcome for over a year now, the majority clearly and sadly did not. Many are still in shock or in denial now.  I probably only slept a total of two hours over the course of the election night.  This was due to absorbing the dark energies emitted into the auric field around the planet. They were so intense and created by those who had negatively reacted to the outcome of this election.  It was so bad that it was yanking my soul awake every ten minutes for hours.  It would pop me into this hyper alertness soldier stance as if I was being physically attacked all night long.  It was horrible to experience because it was happening on a massive scale and I had no control over it. I’d pace and wanted to cry because it wasn’t allowing me to fall asleep.  I also had no idea it was indeed happening because I was not reading the news, media, or social media 12 hours following the election results on purpose. I didn’t need to because I felt it anyway.  Reading it would’ve made it really bad.  In fact, it was other friends texting me to say, “Your prediction was right. He won.” That was all I knew until the day after the election.

I’m furious with anyone who disrupts my sleep, but to sense an enormous amount of fear energy emanating out of so many souls affected me greatly. I feel so bad for those in this unnecessary pain. On the one hand, I was annoyed because the soul I am cannot comprehend why so many felt and feel so much deep fear over the election results.  This has happened with every election including when former President Obama and President Bush won the election.  I endured 16 years of that, so you can endure 4 measly years with Trump.   Everything is gonna be fine.

Fear makes people angry, attack others, bully, intimidate, place blame. Yet, there is nothing substantial or concrete that is warranting fear at this time. It’s all speculation, exaggerations, and gossip, which I never pay attention to.   While Donald Trump has said questionable things, as we all have, but the negativity is not coming from him.  It’s coming from those who deeply hate him with a toxic venom.  The ones who are against the negativity are the ones creating it!  They’ve become judgmental of others who are optimistic, balance, or who have positive things to say.  They would  would prefer that you drop down to their level of anger, which does nothing to help anyone or change anything.

The majority of the country voted for Trump the same way they did for Obama in 2008.  The grand numbers don’t lie.  The map is one gigantic red color with a few blue.  It is the opposite coloring that it was in 2008.  This speaks to quite a bit of where the American people are residing in.  People are very unhappy and still believe that one man, or woman, a ruler, can change their lives.  Change starts with you and not a Presidential figure.  You were unhappy with 8 years of President Bush, so you elected President Obama and spent another 8 years disappointed that he also did not take you out of your rut, so now you’ve flopped back to the other side and voted in Donald Trump.  Notice the pattern here?  It’s like being on a hamster wheel merry go round.

Mess with my sleep like that and you’ve riled me to anger.  I’ve been told there are protests after this election, which is also what I foresaw, but it will not change anything.  As long as it’s healthy, then it harmless if it helps one work through the emotions.  As stated, it will not change anything.  What is predestined is already set in motion.   I’m sorry, but you will have to get over it and move on.  It’s done.  I see this doing nothing to stop it, but have at it if it gives you peace of mind.  I would love to take the day off and protest, but I have more important work to do and accomplish.

No one is in any real danger, but I feel bad for those in that dark space of hate following the election.  They really believe they’re in danger inside.  This has gone on all year, but now it’s exploded because Donald Trump won.  What’s he going to do?  Shoot everybody? Make everyone explode?   Fear multiplies and prompts that which you do not want to come to you.  It was the fear energy being so great that contributed to him being elected with such astronomical numbers.

Those who are in pain over this will need to work through it.  They’ve taken it to heart. They’re deep in the darkness of ego and in the depths of fear so grand that it’s causing them pain. It’s causing them to rant excessively in a panic, “Oh my god, you don’t understand the world is over!”  The man hasn’t started his first day on the job or enacted any approved executive decision that will ruin your life.  Fear distorts reality.  At least wait until he’s physically done something that has literally destroyed your life, then it’ll be warranted.

Sending those in pain healing love to move through this and understand that all will be well.  Prayers have been sent out calling on an endless band of angels who will work side by side with President Donald Trump.  This is also to help him stay on path and make the right decisions that can help America grow and prosper.  It is to help him stand by his promises of truly caring about every single United States citizen in giving them hope and strength to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work together in harmony.  Help them to find that balance of loving and respecting all people regardless of their values and personal opinions.  Sending you shining love from above now. ❤

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