Paying homage to my guide Saint Nathaniel on All Saints Day

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Death and rebirth took place on Halloween night giving you a clean slate on All Saints Day today November 1st. This marks the beginning of the spiritual New Year for all of us. Look upon the path ahead with a fresh perspective and embrace it in the right spirit.

It’s fitting that I pay homage to one of my top task master guides over the last decade who has been responsible for much of my spiritual work that others have read. His name is Saint Nathaniel (sometimes refers to himself as Bartholomew). He is a Wise One teacher and Saint who was also one of the disciples of Jesus. He is an exceptional astrologer, philosopher, and teacher. Many of my readers are aware of this as he has been mentioned throughout my past work.

During the initial years I was working with Nathaniel, I was unaware that he was a Saint since it wasn’t like he said, “Hi, I’m Saint Nathaniel.” At the time he would say his name, “Nathaniel” and sometimes he’d use the name “Bartholomew”. His tone and language is vastly different than my other guides. It’s more archaic, stern, and dominating than the others. It’s as if you’re also communicating with someone with an accent. It would be years until I realized who he was as a man when living an Earthly life all those centuries ago.

Nathaniel has been a crucial force in any and all words I utter that are aligned with humanity. Humanity has been in desperate need of a real awakening. That is obviously coming from Nathaniel since before that point I could careless. He played a huge part at altering my perception of human life and the reality of it all those years ago. He snaps his finger in front of me to alert me to something and his hand lifts up pointing in the direction he wants me to pay attention to. It’s like a publicist directing their client to the camera they need to look at. I started “seeing” things that I had never noticed before. Those around me noticed this enormous metamorphoses taking place with me at this same time that forever altered me. This and much more I owe to Saint Nathaniel.

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