Working with Debra Hill of famed “Halloween” series

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Another entertainment story. One of my all time favorite films of the season is “Halloween”! It was directed, produced, and co-written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill spawning a huge franchise that kicked off the slasher flick after “Psycho”. I knew Debra up until she passed away with Cancer suddenly in 2005.

I worked with Debra on a film for Antonio Banderas called, “Crazy in Alabama” in 1998. And you know I peppered her with endless Halloween questions. When I wrapped, “Crazy in Alabama”, I went back to work with Michelle (pfeiffer) again on a re-shoot she wanted for “The Deep End of the Ocean”. It was while doing the re-shoot that people were approaching me to say, “Debra Hill has been talking about you. She wants to hire you.” That’s usually how it went in those days. I hear it through the rumor-ville first, then the source contacts me.

Debra Hill called and said she’d like me to join her company. I turned her down which she was bummed out about and it showed everytime I saw her. I didn’t have a choice because at that time I was being offered everything under the sun and turning it all down. After Michelle’s gig, I was contracted out another year for Warner Bros. to coordinate “The Perfect Storm”.

Sadly, Debra passed away five years after that. She was diagnosed with Cancer a year before and kept it a big secret. She was a Scorpio known for holding a secret tightly. The day she passed away my phone was blowing up. I was asked to turn on the news where it was the top story. Seeing a photo of someone you know personally splattered all over the news about their death is a devastating feeling.

In person, Debra was super short in height and always upbeat and outgoing to talk to about anything let alone questions you had about her work. Some may have found her to be a pushy personality, selfish, narcissistic, and arrogant at times. This never bothered me because it takes one to know one. 😀 Those types of personalities never rub me the wrong way as I usually dominate them anyway as evident with my successful history with having become close with so many in ‘show biz’.

I first saw “Halloween” when I was about eight years old and it became a lifelong yearly classic ever since. I was already watching inappropriate material long before this. My mother took me to see the highly sexed Porky’s when I was eight. :/


Image may contain: candlesWhen challenges arise, blessings are born. This is the case even if it’s not witnessed or understood as the challenges are taking place. There is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Believe that anything is possible and that what you desire is on its way.



~  Kevin Hunter

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