The consciousness is a database collecting life experiences for the purpose of growth and evolvement

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The consciousness is a database collecting life experiences to be examined for the purpose of growth and evolvement. My consciousness is filled to the brim with everything you can possibly imagine from worthless junk to profound indelible rewards. The truth is that even the junk contains blessings when you gain the kind of wisdom that gives you strength to stomp out the darkness that resides within it. Ensure that what you’re exposed to is of a high vibration. Even reading toxic negativity can affect your judgement.

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You can’t “see” clearly if you’re always listening to the noise. The noise is everybody else, the media, and the physical concrete world sounds. Turn that all off if you want to truly hear God.

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The purpose of burning incense dates back centuries. It was originally intended to get rid of the devil. Today we use it to get rid of all the negative energy while bringing on transcendence, purification, and sanctification. In essence, the real devil at hand resides in your consciousness.  Clear away all the negative energies surrounding you with incense or sage.


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