Avoid slandering a political candidate you despise

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You’ve probably noticed that I’ve never posted anything regarding any U.S. political candidates throughout the history of this blog. I’ve also never publicly slammed either current candidate or posted any inkling or hint of gossip about either. One of the many reasons for this includes maintaining balance, as well as that I don’t view others in such a cut and dry or black and white way to begin with.

There are many layers that exist in someone that I’m able to see that take me into that person’s day-to-day functioning behind closed doors. I also receive snapshots of their lives and what’s to come. The only true political post I made was the psychic prediction on the election fourteen months ago. At this point, it is still 50% accurate since the nominees I listed back then are the two current nominees. I can also see who they are beyond the costume they’ve chosen to wear this lifetime.

I will never publicly slam either candidate out of respect for those who are fans of either one. It’s disrespectful and poor form to do so. I have zero judgement or comment if you like one candidate over another. This is your life to live as you do freely without interference. If you are a U.S. citizen, then you have the legal right to vote for the candidate of your choice in peace.

The judgement I do have is against those who negatively attack one candidate over another, or those who attack or bully someone for their candidate choice. This is something I have a zero tolerance policy for and will bring out the wrath of the Wise One. I have no issues with anyone who positively praises their favorite candidate as that’s constructive rather than the ineffectual slander and gossip of the one you despise.

If you’re truly jarred or negatively affected by anything pertaining to the political election, then pray daily for peace and clarity. Call on Archangel Michael to cut and disentangle the toxic cords that have formed between you and this distraction. Avoid getting caught up in the noise of the media that surrounds you. Remember most of it is not based in truth and merely used to distract and rile you up.


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