The entire political sphere is ego based and flawed. Get over it!

Image may contain: plant, sky, tree, outdoor and natureWe all know I’ve said some pretty harsh things about my exes in the past, but I’ve also praised them on other occasions too. I will say that none of them have ever said anything to me or posted anything slanderous or gossip ridden about a political candidate they dislike ever. Neither have any of my best friends, some of who are on social media, but most are off it. I also realized that neither have my siblings or family members done so either. This includes my youngest sister who turned 21 this year. They’ve never fallen into that kind of gossip, which makes them even more exceptional than half the country. Incredible poise!

There’s nothing of the sort on any of those people’s pages or mine I’m happy to say. I realized also how rare and amazing that is. I’m so proud of them and have to give them all credit where that’s due. All of this makes sense considering I would never date, hang around with, or get involved with anyone on any personal level who does that anyway. It’s not constructive in any form. If someone did that around me in person, I’d toss them out of a fucking window, and then toy with their blood so I can at least get some enjoyment out of it. Happy Halloween!

People are dying and suffering in immeasurable ways around the world and yet the only thing the masses and media care about is what a political candidate did or said. Who gives a fuck. The entire political sphere is ego based and flawed. Get over it! If you really give a shit, then run for President or get a government job where you can make a positive difference. Something is sadly missing from ones life to have that kind of constant negative obsession for over a year now. I mean, really? Time waster.

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