Do you know what your Life Path Number is?

Do you know what your Life Path number is? Your Life Path Number helps point you in the direction of what your basic character and personality is like. This also helps hone in on how you can utilize that to your advantage and apply the traits towards your life purpose. Your Life Path Number is one of the many factors to take into consideration that make up the totality that is you. It is calculated by adding up all of the numbers in your birth date together. You can calculate it using the link at the end of my usual novella post.

One of my long-time friends said, “I’ve been out with you and watched you. You’re very commanding when you move and the way you walk. You know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. There is a purpose to your movement and the way you carry yourself much like a leader. And you don’t take any shit.”

This is because my life path number is the number 1. 1’s are natural born leaders and need to be in some kind of position of leading or there will be trouble if someone attempts to dominate them. They can be aggressive and controlling on some days and even violent. We know I’ve made many bosses cry in the past when I’ve slammed into offices confronting them way too aggressively over what I perceived to be an injustice.

Ones are set apart from the crowd, which may feel isolating at times, but they’re not supposed to be part of the crowd. This is a good thing because 1’s are the visionaries of the world. They’re innovative and full of ideas. You can’t be a visionary and an independent free thinking person while following what the masses are doing. You’d have to kill me first before I ever join up with whatever everyone else is doing.

Someone suggested I should just be President. In truth, someone who will make a great President is someone with a life path number 1 because they are natural born leaders. That rules out the candidates of the last 20 years. The last exceptional President leader who had a life path number 1 was America’s first one, George Washington. He was also a member of the Independent Party as I have been my entire adult life.

Martin Luther King Jr. was also a life path number 1, who like me has had unkind things to say about both extreme sides of the political parties. He also was a member of the Independent Party. This is because #1’s are INDEPENDENT personified on all levels. They don’t follow the masses because what they know and are able to see is broader than what current society views or follows.

The #1 born leader aspect has been present in my professional life by the way I became a sought after commodity with industry talent to the way I’ve commanded film production sets with 800 crew and cast members, to the way I instruct others how to improve their lives in my books. The visionary and constant flow of ideas of the #1 life path person is evident through each of my books and the endless creative development and production line in that arena. You’re on the right track when you use the gifts of your life path number to all areas of your life.

On the positive side, the 1’s are courageous, pioneering, natural born leaders, visionaries, independent, passionate, physical, but on the challenging side, they can be aggressive, competitive, controlling, impatient, domineering, arrogant, self-centered, egotistical, and supremely intolerant.

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