Paint the Silence. The Halloween book.

Paint the Silence

Ruston is a gifted psychic sleuth with a drinking problem. Trinity is a sexy confident detective with a penchant for dating the wrong men. She requests Ruston’s insight into catching a masked serial killer who attacks his victims with an axe made out of car parts.

Ruston lands on the doorstep of the eccentric Granger family mansion only to discover a wealth of disturbing secrets that can bring the city’s real killer to justice.  Drama, action, horror, mystery, and thrills abound in the city of New Orleans on Halloween.

Chapter | 1 | Ruston Bock
Chapter | 2 | The Mansion
Chapter | 3 | The Dinner
Chapter | 4 | Logan Granger
Chapter | 5 | Confrontation
Chapter | 6 | Where’s Donna?
Chapter | 7 | Serving Up Revenge
Chapter | 8 | Arresting Development
Chapter | 9 | The Bayou Swamp
Chapter | 10 | The Persecuted and the Damned
Chapter | 11 | Face Off
Chapter | 12 | Ruston’s Rebirth
Chapter | 13 | Halloween
Chapter | 14 | Breaking and Entering
Chapter | 15 | The Brush with Evil

Testimonials from readers:

“I just read the whole book “Paint The Silence” tonight and holy s***! Wow, what a different book than your spiritual books!!! Talk about drama and horror. Wow! I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it and kept thinking what’s next!! A very interesting book!!! And sects do happen and are probably still out there. I can see how Logan wanted to stop them after living through so much stuff in his life. And I’m glad the three were together in the end like the three musketeers. I liked it, but ohhhh so gory and sorta leaves you feeling acckkkk!!! But the honey and being dropped into the crocs, holy s***. Yeah, that was a huge way to get him back all right! Thank you for writing this great book! Now I hope I can go to sleep!” – A Reader

“WOW!!! I totally just read the book from cover to cover in one sitting and absolutely LOVED IT!!! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how a spiritual writer wrote something like this, but it reminds me of the movie, “Red State”, and some clips covered on polygamy in New Mexico. Anyway bravo! This was written with class and style!” – A Reader

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