It’s poor form to surrender to the superficiality of the human gossip machine

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It’s poor form to surrender to the superficiality of the human gossip machine. In the vastness of political and religious arenas, I’ve been trained to embrace all points of view in order to stay centered.

This also includes viewing physical circumstances from the perspective of an angel or a fair judge that possesses stern detachment and objectivity. It also helps that I can see further into the true motives of one beyond what the average person can see.

I’ve always hung out dangerously close to the middle far away from the extremism that perpetuates both sides. Extremism is excess with the goal of congregating in order to further drag humanity into the sewer with its noise that contributes nothing except to poison the planet.

Positive change happens when gaps are bridged, hearts are open, and by listening. This can be accomplished when one takes a higher perspective. Raw tolerance is listening to all sides without judgement. Walking that fine ledge where the cliff descends prevents you from discerning the truth. The ego is a dangerous unruly beast that loves to drag one into the dark trenches of gossip. Steer clear of the toxins that continue to be darted in front of you with the goal of luring you into its trap.

I don’t care if someone is voting for Donald Trump and I don’t care if someone is voting for Hillary Clinton. This is your life and under the eyes of the law you have every right to vote for who you personally choose to vote for… peace. This means without interference, without conflict, attacks, bullying, or judgement. Both extreme sides are guilty of it too. The irony being that this also comes from those who preach about tolerance in general, which is even more comical.

There are greater problems happening on the planet that extend beyond a presidential election. And in the end, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. You can’t become lost in the waters of fear over what could happen should one or the other be the next President. No matter who is in office humanity will still continue on its nose dive. This has been evident over the last fifteen months and the way others have behaved over it. One has to remain detached from it all in order to not drown it its toxicity and be able to see clearly, even though it’s a little too late for that.

How I view the ranting nonsense of those in their lower evolved state is depicted in the image with this post. Me spearheading those savage creatures that consistently whine and complain over how they despise a political candidate and any that support that person all over their social media. I see the savage creatures as those guilty of that crime. It’s one thing to offer praise over your favorite choice, since positive compliments is seeing the good in someone, but it’s another to be repeatedly disrespectful which is gossip and negative energy that no self-respecting person would want to be around.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the Presidential nominees in my psychic prediction blog post 14 months ago when no one thought it would be either of them, and no working psychic medium had announced it.  I knew who the nominees would be and who the President will be, but I also knew that I would have to listen to the garbage toxins being emitted into the universe for the next year or so by those who are unable to see clearly.   In the end, it doesn’t matter because this was all predestined and no one is truly going to suffer as a result.

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