Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The Twin Flame Connection

I’m not going to get into the gossip of the split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.   Having worked with Angelina in the past, I know that she’s a compassionate, giving, and incredible human being.  She’s also a phenomenal humanitarian who has done more for those in need than many well known people, while also using her celebrity status to bring light to these concerns.  Not to mention she’s made more physical and financial contributions for those in need than those who sit behind computers commenting or gossiping about others while contributing nothing positive towards the betterment of humanity.  Her humanitarian work has always been at the top of her list.  She knows her life purpose and reason for being at this time.

Brad Pitt is one of the nicest people on the planet.  Strangers can sit around and speculate or gossip about their divorce, but the bottom line is that what goes on between two people behind closed doors in a relationship is no ones business but the couples.  She has her personal reasons that are between she and Brad.  She doesn’t owe the public any reasoning for her decision especially since she doesn’t know them.  Her relationship and her family life is personal.

Nor is Jennifer Aniston jumping up and down over their split so I don’t even want to engage in that bullshit.  If she’s been holding onto anger for over a decade, then she’s got some serious issues that could be helped with some professional counseling, but the reality behind closed doors is that she’s been long over her split with Brad.  This is not the case with some of the public continuing to ‘dwell’.  This says more about those people, than the Brad, Angelina, Jennifer dynamic.

Brad and Angelina came together as friends when Brad’s relationship with Jennifer was disintegrating.  There are details that the public is unaware of and will likely never know, but I can assure you that Jennifer was already out the door by the time Brad and Angelina emerged.  Once again, not going to feed into the gossip machine as to what those details are.  I’ve mentioned it in the past once publicly and that was it, either you were privy to it or you weren’t paying attention.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt lasted in a love relationship for a super longtime by Hollywood’s ego driven standards.  They’ve been together for thirteen years, two of which were as a legal married couple.  Just because she’s chosen to file for divorce does not make them any less of a Twin Flame couple.  Many Twin Flames are unable to go the distance.  There will be obstacles that pry them apart.  Some of which are based on ego reasoning or Earthly practical concerns.

From a spiritual perspective, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Twin Flames.  This is regardless of whether or not they remain together this lifetime or choose to break their bond.   Even if they choose to break their bond, they will never stop thinking of the other one, and since they have children together they will remain in one another’s life indefinitely.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are twelve years apart in age and from different states. They incarnated relatively at the same time for the humanitarian purposes and fights they do together outside of making movies. Although they have an age difference common amongst Twin Flames, they fall into the roles of Teacher-Teacher as well as Teacher-Student.

The connection between yourself and your twin flame is so powerful that often one of the two of you finds it difficult to pursue a relationship with the other. The passion for that person is so great that it can make one or the both of you uncomfortable. Instead one of you chooses to date and get involved with other people that are ultimately meaningless to them, while always thinking about the one that is your Twin Flame, not realizing that is who they are.  This is reciprocated and not unrequited as both flames are constantly thinking of the are regardless if they have split or remained together.

While one of you is in these mini-relationships with these other people you cannot stop thinking about the one that is your twin flame.  Your thoughts always lead right back to the person you are consistently drawn to over the years. It does not matter how much you hide it or convince yourself that you are happy with this other random partner you’re not serious about. Your thoughts always wander back to your twin flame

When you finally do come around, you find that your twin flame has put up a wall and is inaccessible for the same reasons. You are both seldom on the same wavelength of ‘let’s do this’. When you both do decide to merge, you experience the kind of fireworks that last lifetime after lifetime. It may take several tries over the course of many years before you ultimately surrender to the connection. You accept it and become fearless by doing it, while other flames are never able to rekindle what they once had due to practical ego reasoning.

When twin flames connect in the beginning it is not easy. The energy is generally too strong for one of the partners who may continuously sabotage it.  Twin flames rarely incarnate at the same time, even though there appears to be a trend that many are searching for their other half twin flame soul. It is not the goal to find one’s twin flame since they cannot be found. When it is time for a soul to connect with their twin flame while on its soul’s journey, then it will happen naturally with no effort.

Remember it is not one sided as both of the twin flames feel this attraction and intensity for each other indefinitely. This is the case even if they temporarily separate or one of the partners flees out of a need for independence. Fleeing is common among a twin flame. Their ego will want to focus on more practical matters rather than succumbing to the depths of an intense love connection with someone.

Sadly some twin flames connections come together, break apart, come together and break apart and repeat. This is due to one or the both of their egos denying they’re meant to be. One or the both of them may sabotage or pull away from the connection due to its intensity. Yet they manage to end up right back together months or even years later again. There’s a cycle where they are two peas in a pod, then a period where they have little to no contact with another, only to be back in one another’s arms years later.

Soul mates experience friction as well, but twin flames are more intense and feeling oriented. This contributes to the additional difficulties. The friction with twin flames is in coming together. They have trouble connecting and sealing the deal. This friction is due to ego.

The more insecure partner of the twin flame connection may end the relationship more than once. Sometimes this is to pursue selfish ego gratifying needs, yet their twin flame partner will always be on their mind, or will continue to surface in their mind indefinitely throughout their life.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have resorted to running, but this split will not be easy for either of them.  Nor will the feelings about one another truly dissolve.   Whether they choose to spend the rest of their lives apart or one day choose to re-emerge, the heightened intense feelings they have for one another will always be present.  You can’t run or hide from that when it’s your Twin Flame.



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