There’s a Bad Moon Rising, like the song, but this too shall pass.

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Saturn is making a hard Square with Neptune. A Square is like going to battle or climbing into the boxing ring. It’s basically negatively aspected confusing feelings and thoughts in someone. Saturn builds structures and puts up challenges for learning purposes. Neptune likes to remove those structures and focus on dreams and longings, but it can also be prone to illusions and deception. Put all of that together and you have an internal mess.

When you put Saturn and Neptune together in a square they do not play nice. This energy can make you feel as if you’re in an inner state of chaos while taking things more seriously than they really need to be. This placement likes to exaggerate a circumstance. And it’s also happening during that pesky Mercury Retrograde, which loves to create confusion and misunderstandings. The energy is so erratic it might prompt you to either silently exaggerate an issue to be bigger than it is, or even lash out over being unable to accept what has happened. It basically puts you in a bad mood.

Steer clear of going out this weekend to areas where you know you’ll be agitated easily. Get together with close trusted ones, especially if they’re positive lighthearted friends. Watch a comedy, get out into quiet nature to center yourself and let any negativity go.

It’s always best to avoid addictions, and a transit like this will push one into addictive behavior to cover up the nonsense that’s happening. This includes those who typically don’t get addicted. For example, someone might not be much of a drinker, but during this transit they find they’ve folded and cuddled up in bed with a couple bottles of wine. There is no judgment if you enjoy your drink. This is merely a warning that during this transit anyway it can make the stresses and confusion even worse than it is. And then you wake up feeling as if an Elephant is sitting on you. In the end, remember the true saying, “This too shall pass. It has no meaning.” Say it repeatedly to yourself if you have to.

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