Body Mind Spirit tips to raising your vibration

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Tips to raising your vibration: Get out into nature, exercise, drink plenty of water, keep the faith, be happy-joyful-optimistic, absorb the sunshine (with sunscreen of course if you’re going out at high noon), rest and relax, maintain a healthy diet (keeping those indulgences in moderation if you’re unable to quit), play music, dance!, and above all show and express love, compassion, and kindness to others. These are simple steps that can assist in making circumstances easier and less stressful.

Your vibration is made up of undetectable cells to the human eye. These cells fluctuate and change colors depending on your mood, your thought processes, who you surround yourself with, as well as what you ingest into your body among many other “negative” things.

When you grow and evolve you raise your vibration.  Raising your vibration to a higher level takes work and discipline.  It is adopting an entirely new way of living.  It is viewing the planet, your life, your surroundings, and your soul in ways that you would not have noticed in a lower vibration state.

In my book, “Raising Your Vibration“, I talk about the methods that assist in cracking open the connection line to having crystal clear communication with your spirit team.

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