The FDA Food and Drug Administration Continues to Choose For You

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is indirectly responsible for the premature deaths of many human souls due to their abusive power and control on potentially lifesaving products that are considered illegal in some areas. They are deciding what they think should be approved and what you should or should not ingest in your own body. They are human beings and human beings are flawed. It is no one’s place to decide how you choose to live your life pending it isn’t harming anyone. The government regulating what others should or should not have needs to be equipped with spiritually based people who have a stronger connection outside of the physical, and therefore will be more likely to know what would be good or not.

There is also an excess of human made drugs, foods, or drinks that are considered toxic and poisonous to your body over time when taken regularly or in large quantities. These products are ironically LEGAL.

People are afraid of the word illegal, but something is only illegal, because mankind made it that way. It doesn’t mean they are always right. The FDA is made up of flawed human beings making decisions for you. And in fact, over time things that were legal were made illegal and vice versa as they later discovered they made an error in judgment (which is typical). Examine all of the atrocities and destruction created out of the choices humankind thought to be correct in the past and you get a pretty good observation into how you are controlled.

This is illustrating the way human souls perceive things around them. Most of it can be connected to the way that person was taught. If you started out on Earth alone with no one else telling you what to do, what to eat, what to drink, then it would be interesting to note how you view your surroundings.   And it’s been no surprise that I’ve NEVER been a fan of the FDA at all.  Don’t decide for me what YOU think is best.  This is also why I vote towards minimum governing in the political sphere.  You don’t have the market cornered on what is best for me.  The higher power does.

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