If angels are around me, then how come this catastrophe took place?

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One of the things that someone might say is, “If there was a God, then why did this happen?” or “If angels are around me, then how come this catastrophe took place?”

Understand the differences between the Earthly physical world and the other spirit dimensions that exist. You’re not a puppet on strings being controlled by an invisible force. You have free will choice to govern your life the way you see fit, even if it’s at the detriment of yourself or another. If you were being controlled, then you’d never grow, evolve, or expand your spirit’s consciousness.

You’re thrown here on Earth for the purpose of your own growth, to learn lessons, or to teach others to become more efficient, compassionate, loving, wise souls. When a catastrophe happens, this is not caused by God or any spirit being in Heaven. While all souls have at least one spirit guide and one guardian angel around them as ‘guides’, it doesn’t mean they’re telling that soul what to do. They are simply ‘guiding’ them and pointing them down a direction or path that will bring them the least amount of turmoil while benefiting your higher self and spiritual growth process.

When a murder happens or harm, hurt, or hate on another soul is exuded by the darkness of one’s ego, then there are several factors at play. One of them being is that your Spirit team is nudging those to steer clear of a situation that could bring them danger, but if that soul is not paying attention to it, then there is little that can be done.

There is no true death in the way a human soul views death. It saddens you to find the one that you love has passed on, but passing on is like moving into the next room. The next room that you will eventually be when your current life run class has completed. You’ll see the loved one again because they never really died. They simply shed the burden of the physical restrictive casing they were assigned to wear while on Earth.

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