Archangels are Gifts; Clairsentience Feel Everything; Mercury Retrograde and Relationships

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The Archangels are gifts from God to help you experience love, joy, and peace in your life. In order for one to hear and communicate with God you must be completely at peace. You must be feeling and exuding joy, love, and compassion. You have to be living in your higher self. You need to be in this state and stripped of your ego. God wants to communicate with you, but you do not hear God unless you are in that state of higher consciousness. This also means that those who condemn and harm others in the name of God are not communicating with God. They are instead operating from their lower self and ego. You cannot communicate with God in a state full of blocks.

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Those with Clairsentience feel every little nuance around them. At times this becomes uncomfortable and draining prompting them to take frequent breaks of alone time throughout the day. They sense everything around them from people’s emotions to what’s to come for someone. Their internal feelings are all over the place like a roller coaster ride. They may give the illusion they are extremely put together on the outside, but on the inside they’re wrestling with all sorts of uneasy emotions that constantly ebb and flow like the ocean. They are prone to being a bit jumpy as if someone moved quickly behind them. They turn around to find no one there. Clairsentient people are ridden with anxiety, nervousness, and have a fight or flight response to any and all around them. Imagine absorbing everyone else’s feelings being poured into you and how that might make you feel.
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The Mercury Retrograde is pushing relationship connections to the top of the list for observation. The one plus about this retrograde is that Mercury seems to be sandwiched between Venus and Jupiter, which are two of the more blessing oriented planets out of all of them. This will soften any potential blows that should come about.

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