Past Life Descendant of a King and Clairvoyant Dreams

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One of my best friends of the last thirteen years and I were having a discussion on past lives on our podcast that isn’t live. I explained that everyone is hoping to discover they were royalty or Kings in a past life, but that is simply just not true. He interrupts me to say, “Well, you were definitely a King in another life. You certainly act like one.” Was that last sentence necessary? This is the kind of back talk I have to deal with. I know I’m a neanderthal, arrogant, a narcissus, and at times an ego maniac, but I have a jolly side too!

Dreams or Clairvoyant visions are a great way to access the records of ones past life or lives. This is the same way that I have had recurring flashes of living in a cave and writing or drawing on them. Cave art. So, I’ve been writing for centuries now.
It is amazing when you look back and discover all of the clues that were revealed over the course of your lifetime. It’s like a puzzle coming together as you find these pieces scattered about here and there. It starts to fill in the blanks and the holes of the story you’re attempting to piece together.  I remember growing up and stumbling across those ‘witches’ houses.  And the Michael Myers looking houses. 😉  The ones that most of the neighborhood kids were afraid to approach, except myself and one other who was no doubt also a realm sibling afraid of nothing so measly as a house with layers of history.  The darkness has never scared me, but instead I march bravely on in.

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