How does he/she feel about me? What can you tell me about him/her?

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How does he/she feel about me? What can you tell me about him/her? These are some of the questions I answer in my long awaited Tarot Card Meaning book that will be out this December. The irony is that I don’t personally require use of any deck, including the Tarot, but it is fun to play with and use on occasion.

My soul is the core instrument I use that is a clear enough conduit that it’s all I need before anything else.  I’ve never followed the norm or anyone else’s formula, but rather throw cards down like a poker player in a fury. The instant message pops up a second after the card has hit the table.  I’m a Wise One who doesn’t follow anyone else’s set pattern or rules, therefore I’ve never used a Tarot spread.

Those who have been super close to me for eons have all pointed out over the decades that they can tell when it’s me communicating with them, or when it’s a being from above coming through.  They’ve pointed out a distinctly noticeable shift in the language and information that comes out that it’s changing within a matter of seconds. It’s as if they’re having a conversation with six people!

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