With Writer’s Block, I Pace Around Like a Cougar

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The essence of this pensive writer’s block shot is almost similar to what it’s like minus the cigarette. I’m anti-cigarettes. No offense if you smoke, I don’t hate you, I just can’t be around it breathing it in. 🙂 My smoker friends smoke away from me. I used to smoke casually when I was a rebellious teen and wanted to get back at daddy.

With writer’s block I don’t sit there and stare into space….necessarily.  I pace all over creation like a disheveled cougar, then I end up outside wandering around mumbling to myself like a gypsy with Tourette syndrome.

Outside, I had found a spot where I stood at attention and immediately a cocoon of light burst up around me to re-calibrate and re-center my soul, but then my nose twitched. Heavy cigarette smoke trapped itself under my nostrils and anger bled down my forehead and face that I scratched frantically with my knuckles. Pissed that I had to move now, I nearly ran smack into this guy I missed standing a couple of feet away from me with his cigarette.

I grumbled like Ebenezer Scrooge, “Oh. Sorry.” He excitedly and cheerfully with all smiles his hand like a stop sign out for me to not move, “No, no stay. It’s fine.” My eyes ran down his body and glared at the cigarette in his hand with a look on my face that said, “You’re kidding right?” I walked on passed him without saying anything. As I did, I saw his smile go down as he looked down at his cigarette realizing the culprit. I thought, “Shit, could I be anymore obvious.” That’s the thing. You know what’s on my mind without me saying anything.

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