Mercury Retrograde: Go Back and Revise.

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Mercury moves Retrograde Tuesday through 9/23. Time to go back and ‘re’ everything. This means re-vise, re-vamp, re-edit, re-view, and above all re-lax. Moving forward with anything new will be met with resistance and challenges from now through September 23rd.

The next three weeks will be a great time to clean house literally and metaphorically. Clean up your computer, which means removing files you don’t need that are taking up space. Save things on discs and flash drives, and trash everything else. This is also a great time to get organized.

You’ll be prompted to be more introspective than usual. This is where great ideas are born. Assess what needs to be dissolved or adopted in your life, and then put that into action after 9/23.

Nostalgia rises during a Mercury Retrograde prompting old friends or exes long forgotten to suddenly pop up out of nowhere and reach out. Overall the Mercury Retrograde is a time to take it super easy and retreat. Getting out into nature playing, hanging, and relaxing are the way to get through this unscathed.

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