Two of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: 1 personTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Two of Wands can indicate being at a crossroads where the road splits. You have a choice to make as to which road you’re going to go down. One of the roads may be more challenging than the other, but you won’t know until you head down it.

Any effort or action you apply to something will bring about results. It’s taking that effort even further than just the idea. It’s extending and expanding that spark of passion you had for something or someone. You have the world in your hands and anything is possible.

You’ve been making excellent progress, but a courageous choice needs to be made about something that will take you to the next plateau. Be bold, be brave, be creative!

The Two of Wands can show someone who is in a great place in their life, but there may be some discontentment. This is about taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture to decide what move should be made next. This person is a visionary and can feel restless if they’re not moving forward.

This is a reminder that you’re on the right track and to keep moving forward. It can also indicate partnerships of all types moving to the forefront. You may be teaming up with someone in a business pursuit or a love relationship. The partnership will be an exciting passionate and enthusiastic one regardless if it’s business, love, friendship, or family.

If you’re asking about a potential love interest, then this is saying take action and ask them out. Don’t wait for them to make a move if they’re not doing or saying anything. This indicates strong partnerships formed that doubles the confidence while in one another’s presence. This may also point to an opposites attract union. They go the distance because they use their strengths to contribute to an even bigger dynamic duo.

Two of Wands is an excellent business partnership as they both have something to offer that the other lacks. This might also be a pairing where one partner is extroverted and the other is introverted, but that match up is just right pending they go for it. Two of Wands is about making a choice and going for it. It tells the person being read for that the potential is there, but you’re not using it and need to use it. Whether this is resources, ideas, another person, or input. You already have what you need to make it happen, but you’re not doing anything about it.

In the image of the Two of Wands he stands strong and together with his head up in confidence looking out into the distance. It’s the visionary looking ahead as to what’s next, but he hasn’t quite made the move yet. This card shows that he’s about to or it’s telling him that he needs to.

Since Two of Wands is also the partnership card, it can be indicating that there is someone who shows up that is of benefit to your question. They may be someone who passes on words of wisdom that helps you in bringing the question to conclusion. This is someone who is sitting on a great idea, but they need to take action on it and bring it to fruition.

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