Full Moon Thursday and Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow

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Stay centered in peace and tranquility as we move into some choppy currents with the Full Moon this Thursday. This can bring up intensity, insomnia, and anxiety. We’re also in the middle of the pre-shadow phase of the next Mercury Retrograde happening on the 31st. I know it probably feels like we just had one. The Universe never gives anyone a break. The reality is that the Mercury Retrogrades are necessary even if they tend to wreak some havoc. They are necessary because it forces you to stop and take pause to reflect whether you like it or not. It puts everything on hold for three weeks as you take the time to be introspective and allow new insights to penetrate your consciousness. You take what you’ve learned during the Mercury Retrograde and apply it to the next section in your life that starts when Mercury moves direct.

The Native Americans and the Wise Ones have governed their lives based on the movement of the planets. Some of them are in the corporate business worlds. I know many of these CEO’s and executives who throw the level headed business partners off by consulting in the Tarot and the movements of the planets before making major decisions.

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