Cuddling, hugging, and touching have immense therapeutic properties

Cuddling, hugging, and touching have immense therapeutic properties. These acts assist to bring down your cortisol levels more rapidly than anything else. When you engage in these activities with someone, or your romantic partner, it assists in lightening the load or dissolving traces of unhappiness, stress, or upset. It raises your vibration and boosts oxytocin levels, which is the love drug hormone that calms your entire body and expands the soul’s light. Even if you don’t have a love partner, hugging a friend, or a pet can offer the same benefits.

Being physically touched and kissed repeatedly is like oxygen to me. It has the same endorphin release one gets through exercise. I am a walking love bug Casanova after all, which in the past has been a handful or detrimental when I placed it in the hands of the passion-less, the unromantic, or the non-committal.

Partaking in love activities such as regular touch can open up your clair channels to receive clearer guidance and messages from above in this state. Being in love releases the dopamine and oxytocin hormones. What’s erupted are upbeat feelings that create an overall sense of positive well-being. You’re basically high on life! You’re suddenly more focused and energetic able to accomplish things that you had previously put aside before you experienced Earth’s saving miracle called love. Love is like a drug, but a healthy one that gives you a natural high that no vice, cigarette, drink, drug, or bad food can offer or reach.

Like the song remember to just let your love flow like a mountain stream…

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