Acting, Writing, and Creative Self-Expression.

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Sometimes I reenact acting scenes for friends, but I always sometimes pick the most dramatic scenes possible to do. Whenever I’d do a scene, I’d take a minute to fall into the character as if it’s happening real time. A few friends are sitting there next to one another all eyes on me for fifteen minutes of raw intensity.

When I’m done and come to I’m standing up in front of them gliding my eyes across them like a camera from left to right. They are all visibly shaken some with tears streaming down their cheeks looking from side to side at one another, then one would say, “I need a cigarette.” And another upset with head shaking, “I need a drink.” It would take a half hour for them to gain composure. All throughout my life, others around me would say, “You should be an actor.” or “You should be a comedian.”

It’s writing that has always interested me since I need to control what is on the page and what others see, but I love all forms of self expression.

Sometime during the first year I was working with Michelle (actress Pfeiffer), I was still a young ingenue at twenty-three, we were hanging out in her office just being friendly during some down time. We hadn’t officially become close or friends yet as both of us are not easy to penetrate so it was a gradual process. She sat back in her chair looking extremely cold, dark, serious, and matter of fact, “You can do what I do.” I shook my head from side to side with a thin smile and a strong NO. She emphasized even firmer with that stoic conceited Southern Californian chilliness, “You could.” I took a deep breath and said, “You have to really want this. You have to be willing to eat dog food and I don’t want it that bad. I’m a writer. I need to write.”

The world needs more creativity, sensitivity, and understanding what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes. I wrote about the creative gene in my book, “Awaken Your Creative Spirit“.

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