Another Beautiful Note From One of My Readers. Reaching People From Around the World.

I always have my eye up ahead, exploring the unknown, expanding my horizons, using the gift of foresight, knowing what to expect, and showing others the way. I’m a Type A personality who is always thinking and living in a project, until I receive a note from a reader that confirms I’m continuously helping people without realizing it.

I love reading the notes that come in from my readers, both the new and loyal ones who find me and then stick around for good. Even though it’s been consistent for years now, it’s still shocking and feels as if they’re talking about someone else. These are people from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds, and all corners of the globe. I write something and move on only to discover that it later lands in the hands of someone in England, Australia, Turkey, Japan, or Brazil. That’s pretty fascinating

Over the past year I’ve also witnessed an unusual rise in various MTV and VH1 pop stars for different shows writing to me. These are people that come from a packaged pop music genre world that is exterior focused, and yet they stumble upon my spiritually based books and it awakens something deeper in them.

The best notes I receive are the detailed and heartfelt ones where the reader just wants to say thank you. Something propels all of these people to try and locate me so they can say those two simple words. They don’t want anything, except to explain how something they read of mine helped in a positive way such as this example of another more recent one:

“Dear Kevin

I would like to say that reading your books have changed my life. I was at rock bottom not knowing which way to turn after being ripped off by a friend for thousands of pounds leaving me virtually penniless. I thought that I was a mug and a failure at everything, feeling all alone in this world I could not see any future for myself, then somehow I stumbled across your books. THANK YOU so much Kevin you have literally saved my life your words touched me you are such a gifted man. God bless you!!

Kind regards
(Name removed to protect anonymity)
United Kingdom”

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