Empaths feel every nuance around them

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If you rely on your hunches and intuition when receiving accurate information, then you are feeling the answers. Not all communication is in a form you would recognize such as a voice (clairaudience) or in front of you like a vision (clairvoyance). Some of it is through your body by feeling the guidance (clairsentience). Trust these gut feelings, as they could be the answered prayer you’ve been hoping for. Focusing on the stillness within you is where the real truth and answers are.

There are a great many souls who feel every little bit of nuances around them. They may not necessarily sense the future as a clairsentient would, but they are feeling and absorbing everyone’s energy. Those people are called Empaths.

If everyone were empathic, then there would be no cruelty in the world since every living soul would be empathetic of others.  They could effortlessly walk in another’s shoes. {From Warrior of Light and Spirit Guides & Angels}

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