Coming out of the Dark Ages and into the Light

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Earth reached high noon on 11/11/11 (not 12/21/12). This was when the light was equal to the dark. You’ll notice how many centuries it took to reach high noon. Before 11/11/11 is what was called The Dark Ages.

In that sense, we’re gradually moving in the other direction where the Light is expanding greater than the dark. Although, it will take many more centuries ahead to reach that place where the light is dominate and has taken over, but we’re moving in the right direction.

You’ve noticed the tantrums around the world going on as a result. They’re not pleased with the light taking over, but this is what is intended. You’ve got half the world with raised consciousnesses and the other half settled into the darkness. It is a war between the light and dark. By the way, the Light ALWAYS wins in the end.

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