Being a fan of the fearless and the courageous

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So many people have passion and heart, but do nothing with it. Fear is the #1 cause of turmoil in human souls. Fear comes from the ego. Fear prevents one from going after their life purpose, their dream job, the love interest. Fear stalls. It’s not necessarily fear of failure, but fear of success. Fear that you’re undeserving of it. Everyone deserves it.
I’ve received an enormous amount of cases where the sole cause of blockage is fear. Some people will stay in what they perceive to be a dead end job for fear of biting the bullet and going after their life purpose. Or they’ll give up a potential love interest that is intended for them out of fear. Or they’ll avoid approaching a potential out of fear. Fear is one of the greatest causes of human sabotage. It holds people back. Many ignore the windows of opportunity revealed to them out of fear.
Fear also leads to hate, destruction, and judgement of others. Fear is also the breeding ground for terrorism. Being fearful of anyone who is not like you or doesn’t share the same values as you. Fear boils into hatred and then vengeance in these cases.
I’ve always been a fan of the fearless and the courageous when used positively such as going after what you want pending it’s not hurting anyone. Even if they know they’ll fall flat on their face. I love seeing anyone walk through fire no matter what. Nothing holds them back. If they fall, they pay no mind and get back up and keep going again as if nothing. They’re fearless.

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