Becoming Less Accessible to Others

It’s been an assembly line of back to back book projects continuing on my sixth year in a row with this career that is anything, but new.   I’m a Type A personality who is highly creative and driven with two decades of endless book and film credits.   There is never a day where I’m not doing something productive.  I also get bombarded with endless emails and messages on a regular basis.  Many of which are business related or fan reader related.

What has been disconcerting on occasion is that some of the messages from readers write me demanding I befriend them so that they can gain a direct line to me whenever they want.   This is in order to receive free psychic spiritual information from me on a regular basis whenever they demand it.    They will attempt to get close which is ineffective since I’m one of the most difficult people anyone will ever encounter.   I’m also extremely tough, vigilant, and direct in an almost assault like quality without apology.   This is nothing new as I’ve been like this my entire life.    I’m not someone you want cornering you in the boxing ring.   This has been out of control more than usual over the last number of months that it has propelled me to post up my official statement on this.

I had a long meeting with my editor this week who has always complained that I’m too accessible to the public, “These are your readers.  They are not your friends!”   He’s a lot tougher than I am.  He has been aware of this for years and watched it continue to grow as the months and years go by.   I’m getting bigger each year and there’s no way to stop that, but I can choose to create broader boundaries and make me even less accessible than I’ve been lately.

I’ve had a continuous open door policy that allows readers to contact me.  I’ve always welcomed it and enjoyed many of the letters, but there are the bad seeds in the group. These are the ones that abuse that privilege selfishly without apology.    Not only are some of the letters to me poorly written and illegible that I have to re-read them, but they’re not legitimate fan letters.  They’re letters asking psychic related questions that have nothing to do with my books.   It’s pretty arrogant and obnoxious.   I cut the letters some slack that are written to me from a foreign country where English isn’t their first language.

Today, I no longer have the time to spend all day answering personal questions for people.  I’ve given these warnings repeatedly over the years, but no one seems to read those disclosures that are all over my social media and sites.   I’m a perfectionist and a Wise One who is ferociously stern with zero tolerance for poor etiquette.  If these people had truly read and absorbed my books, then they would know that.

The best notes I receive are the genuine ones where the reader is simply reaching out to me to say they loved one of my books and how it’s empowered or assisted them in a constructive way.  They’re not asking for advice, reads, or consultations.  They genuinely and naturally became more informed and empowered from reading one of my books that it prompted them to make positive life changes after doing that.

While others will write something like, “I read one of your books.  And I’m Clairvoyant.  I wanted to find out what you thought about why my deceased dog is in my dream…”   This person doesn’t give a fuck about my books.  They just want me to give them free advice, consultations, readings, and information.   In this case, if you’re clairvoyant, you would know the answer to that question anyway.  I’m not a dream interpreter and I’m not here to walk every single person on the planet through every single step of their life, and neither is anyone in Heaven.  You are here for a purpose that includes making your own mistakes, paying attention to your own spirit team, and figuring it out for yourself.  I’m not an interpreter between you and your Spirit team.  Many of my books discuss ways you can be a stronger conduit to accurately pick up the messages for yourself.   My editor had also said, “You fought to have your books prices considerably low because you wanted people to be able to afford them.  You also post free wisdom and messages on all of your accounts on a regular basis.  And you’ve given your books away for free, and these people still have the balls to reach out to for more free stuff.  Unbelievable.”

Most of the answers to many common questions are present in one of my books, so I question if they’re actually reading them.  I know they’re reading them, but are they retaining the information?  Don’t be afraid to use that highlighter while reading my books.  I know many readers who do and have.  They’re also the ones not writing to me to answer questions that include interpreting their dreams or messages they think they’re getting.  I don’t teach psychic development classes and I’m not a professional psychic reader.   I am an author – nothing more and nothing less.  Authors are recluses who are not interested in being best buddies with strangers who use them for information.

My editor talked to me this week about how he watched how hard I work on each book long before the book comes out.  It’s shocking to him that by doing that it somehow allows some in the public to have the opportunity to pepper me with questions I have no interest in answering.  We are approaching that time where I will be turning off all email access that the public has to me as it prevents me from doing my actual work.  If this continues the way it has been over the last six months, then this will happen sooner than later.   I don’t owe anyone anything except my integrity, who I am, and what I set out to do.  Have some manners, etiquette, class and think before you write me.


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