Love and Career are the two top questions I receive from others in a psychic read

The road lights up with a bright light and a timeline of positive events headed out into the distance for me to see. There are forks in the road wherever a major crossroads is about to happen. Every human soul can see what’s up ahead for themselves by tuning into your core senses, which are communication receptors with worlds beyond this one. Accurately reading for yourself or anyone is impossible when your ego is ruling the show that is your life.

There are two common topics that people write to me about. They write me frustrated about not being in a love relationship. The basic message is that the desperate need to have a lover is what blocks one from obtaining a lover. It’s the negative feelings associated with that need which includes a fear that it won’t happen. When you let go of the negative desire and panic to obtain a lover, then the lover is more likely to show up.

The second common question is surrounding one’s career or life purpose. Think about what your passion is beyond making money and then you have your answer. The desire to chase money as one’s sole purpose will leave you dejected. You’re more likely to see positive movement surrounding financial flow when you put passion into what you’re doing. Your life purpose is something that you would do for free if you had all the money and time in the world. That passion or hobby typically benefits others in a positive way.


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