Independence Day Weekend in America, but are we free when terrorism dominates?

Okay, so I called upon one of my best friends of thirteen years to help me with a photograph for Independence Day, but he flatly refused. I wanted him to wear shorts made out of the United States flag and to get down on his knees in front of me. I would be dressed up like a terrorist shoving a gun in and out of his mouth like it’s a blowjob. This way I can illustrate how terrorism is currently and officially fucking America through imagery. It’s art intended to wake people up to the truth. 

While the concept wasn’t offensive to him since he, like everyone else around me, has heard everything fly out of my mouth since the beginning. They don’t flinch or reveal signs of being offended no matter how brutal it is. It was more the humiliation of being in a victimized position. He said it would be best if I hired some little bitch boy whose views I oppose and have them play the role of victim. The photograph would have greater impact. Personally I think he’s being a little bit of a baby if you ask me. I’ve never glossed over the darkness. The only way I can make it as clear as possible as to how the planet has become a minefield is to assault you with it.

As I predicted in my book, Darkness of Ego, terrorism has now infiltrated itself into the United States.  And it dives even deeper in my book, The Seven Deadly Sins.

There are just enough cracks in the ceiling around the world allowing the Light to break in. America. We came here. We struggled. We suffered. We made colonies. We made it to be a certain way. We fought like everybody else. We fought to the death for our freedom. We had a revolution and became a free society. We broke the chains that bound us and the Declaration of Independence was written. We were all considered equal. We had honor. We were good people. Boy has that changed. Happy Independence Day weekend!!

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