The World. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The World showing up in a reading indicates that an accomplishment has been achieved. One life cycle within a human life has been completed surrounding that area. This can be a book has been finished, you’re graduating some level of school, you’ve just sold your house, or bought a house, you’re up for an award, you’ve successfully completed a tour. The World is saying that everything has come full circle and successful completion has been achieved. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate. There is a sense of closure, completion, or mutual ending of something pertaining to the question asked.

The World can also be personal spiritual growth that’s been achieved. This card is not always practical material success. It can be that you’ve just moved to the next level on your journey and are ready to embark on a new one.

The Fool card is the first card in the Major Arcana that signifies the beginning of a journey, but the World card is the last card in the Major Arcana showing that journey coming to an end. Rewards are indicated when anything is accomplished. Rewards are not necessarily monetary or plaques and awards, but it’s the knowledge gained that is its own reward.

The World in a love relationship reading is a positive card to get especially if it’s in the future position or one of the last cards in the spread of a reading. It shows the relationship coming full circle, growing deeper, or more committed and closer. If you’re single, then the World can indicate that you are coming out of that cycle and are ready for a new love. If you’re asking about someone you have your eye on, then this card can be saying that this person is someone who is fully together, independent, successful and long term relationship oriented.

The World is also the card that indicates travel, so it can be you meet someone significant while travelling or that taking a mini-getaway will help clear your mind of any residual toxins in order to put the chapter you’re currently in to rest. The World is equated to travelling the world, so this is where travel comes in.




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