Judgement. Tarot Lesson Basics.

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Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Judgement card in a reading indicates periods of self-reflection and transformation. It’s about metaphorically dying only to be re-born again stronger. It can be about making sudden decisions to change one’s life and head off in an entirely different, yet positive direction.

The typical image artwork of Judgement shows a large angelic presence presiding over many graves with human beings leaping from it in rejoice. They are usually naked which symbolizes being whole and complete. It’s being open and exposed and unafraid of vulnerability.

The Judgement card usually shows up when someone is at the end of one particular journey or chapter and ready to embark on a new one. For that matter, Judgement can also indicate new beginnings once you let the past go. If it’s the end of a relationship and this card is pulled, then it can be telling you to let the relationship go. It’s time to move onto the next chapter. If the relationship is intended to start up again, it will be looked up as a brand new relationship as if you were with one another for the first time.

The Death card can show an unwanted change or ending in one’s life, but the Judgement card is an ending to something that you decided upon. It is making your peace with it and looking forward to a new chapter with optimism.

Judgement can be an optimistic card where you have put in tons of effort into something, and now blessings will be bestowed in return. The traditional Judgement meaning was intended to depict the Archangel Gabriel firing a trumpet which set off the day of judgement for souls crossing over back home to the other side. The only judging that takes place is the one that the soul places upon themselves during this time of judgment. Your perspective is much clearer when you exit the Earth plane and your mistakes are clear. This prompts you to wish you could do certain things over again. In that sense, the Judgement card can be plain and simple where it’s saying that there is some judging going on. Either you’re judging someone too harshly or they’re judging you.

As for love readings, I’ve received this card repeatedly following the breakup of a relationship for others. While it might indicate a break up, generally it shows up after the break up or while the break up is taking place. It’s a reminder that break ups happen in relationships. It’s just the process of life. You can’t control why someone chooses to leave.

Judgement is an indication that a relationship has ended. It is the closing of one chapter and it is time to pull yourself up and move forward fearlessly into your next chapter. This next chapter is a clean slate that can bring a new love to you. A new love can also be a renewed love with the former flame. It would be as if it is a brand new relationship even if you had previously been together before.

If you’ve been having problems in a current relationship and you feel distance with your partner, then this card can be showing that distance. The partner is at a crossroads evaluating certain things connected to the relationship. This doesn’t mean the relationship is over. It can be something minor where they come back to say they were bothered by something you did or said. It can be an isolated issue that is strong enough to transform the person to some extent or make them judge the relationship.

This is nothing abnormal as all couples have struggles, issues, and disagreements from time to time. Unless there is one part of the couple who is always agreeable to keep the peace. This card can also show a renewal or revival of a past connection. It can be a renewal in oneself. It can be self-reflection and transcendence.

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