Angels dive right into the heart of the worst terrorist on the planet

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The terrorist group ISIS is a perfect example of the darkness of ego in action. While those affiliated with ISIS might believe they are acting out in the name of God, they are in fact acting out of the darkness of their own ego. God is all love and it is considered a sin to speak or act in any manner that is the opposite of love.

The angels can see beyond what the human eye or human ego can see. They’re able to dive right into the heart of the soul of the worst kind of thug on the planet and see their truth. To a terrorist, they deeply believe they are doing a service to God, and that it’s everyone else who is the enemy, but to the rest of the world they are a monster no different than a mass serial killer.

This applies to every soul that exists in all dimensions in all directions regardless if it’s a Christian extremist or Islamic radical terrorist.  There tend to be more killings at the hands of a radical Islamic terrorist than a Christian extremist.  Christian extremists use words while Islamic terrorists use whatever they can get their hands on to execute people, which means if they don’t have access to guns, they will use and find other means of executing that are more barbaric than an isolated individual can comprehend.

This is not logic, but words filtering in from above.  Not being able to see deeper than what the ego is preventing you to see is a block in communication with the Divine.

Closing my physical eyes ignites my third eye.  While I can receive clairvoyant visions with my eyes open, the images are clearer when I close them.  There are benefits as well as challenges to this.  After the Oxnard shooting, the visions I saw walked me through the entire horrific scene beat by beat through the killer’s eyes as well as the eyes of both the victims and survivors.  This went on endlessly for several days showing me all perspectives from all angles.

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