My Father was my greatest champion. Remembering the Father’s on Father’s Day

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You could say that the positive traits that my father this life time passed down to me or heavily influenced me in an unbelievable way were surrounding how important security, family, relationships, and teamwork are. He instilled in me a strong disciplined work ethic just by me observing him. He instilled the kind of loyalty traits in me that are more aligned with the mafia. This carried over from my career life to my relationship life. Sadly, as I witnessed these were all traits lacking in others. I would wonder what kind of Father’s they had growing up. Perhaps an absent one or one who didn’t care. My father cared beyond belief and maybe even cared too much to the point of smothering, but his heart was in the right place.

Dad had a wicked sense of humor laughing in all the wrong places like when someone tripped and fell. When I ended up in the hospital after blacking out on New Year’s Eve due to mixing cocaine and tons of alcohol over the course of ten hours without food, he was front and center. While I took what happened to me seriously and as a sign that it was time to wake up and change, my father instead giggled, “Things happen.”

He was the opposite of me where he craved constant attention and I was uncomfortable with any kind of attention or focus on me. He wanted never-ending people around him, loved to have endless gatherings for parties in celebration for no reason at all. This is with bbq’s, music blasting, and beers! Later in life I would be his go to person for counseling and business advice from my heavenly helpers. He became my biggest champion and at one point said, “You do know that you’re my best friend?”

Whenever someone was in trouble, he was the first person that was there almost with this confident excitement even if it was bad. He would go as far as to pose as someone else in front of a judge in a court of law and WIN for them. I had never seen anything like that before. He was the most fearless person I had have ever met in my entire life. He made me believe that anything is possible.

When he passed away and at the funeral, people were approaching me to say they didn’t know what they were going to do, “Your father always helped with that. He was always there when you needed him.” He was a great leader and negotiator. To this day I have yet to meet anyone who comes close to that. I am no doubt the product of a strong father.

I’d give my father a CD when I’d climb into his car. He’d find a song he loves and start blasting it and grooving to it clapping his hands. When it was over, he’d keep pressing the previous track button to play the song again. I’d scoff, “Tsk. Ugh. Come on. I don’t want to get sick of it.” Then he’d turn it up even louder to drown my complaints out. :/ Then play it repeatedly the whole trip.

Months before he passed on it was almost as if he was preparing himself. He asked me about the Archangels as if he were going to meet them tomorrow and wanted to know what to expect. I enlightened and prepared him.

The Fathers of the world never get enough attention. Strong Father’s make strong children and often society doesn’t put the spotlight on Dad enough. How are Men as Fathers? This world needs our Father’s back. As I grew older and into my thirties and above, I realized that I was becoming a surrogate Father figure and older brother to so many people around the world that found they couldn’t get it in anyone else. It was a role I naturally moved into without effort or desiring that. I give some credit to my Father for that and all of these positive traits that had a deep and long lasting influence on me today. Traits that others praise me for having today.

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