Was the Orlando Massacre Shooter Gay? It was both a hate crime and terrorist attack

Normally I don’t post anything that is considered to be political or gossip worthy, but if a topic has become hugely controversial or the media, which I oppose, consistently feeds false information as they tend to do, then I have to step in and say something.   There’s great debate as to whether or not the Omar Mateen shooting massacre at the Gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016 was a hate crime and result of a self-hating gay man, or a terrorist attack.  These are questions that have been filtering in my in-box since the shooting asking me what it was.

To clear up any misunderstandings, the Orlando shooting was a combination of both a hate crime and terrorist attack at the hands of a converted Islamic radical terrorist.

Omar Mateen was not gay.  He was hanging around the gay nightclub and on gay hook up apps like Grindr and Jack-D to scope out the territory and to research it out.  This is not unusual for an Islamic radical terrorist to do.  The 9/11 terrorists were visiting strip clubs and going to bars.  It might be considered contrary to their strict faith, but like fundamentalist Christians who despise gays, they only seem to pull out small minor text that was added to the holy book at a later date by man.   They ignore the rest of the text and merely use a few sentences added to justify their hatred and then tell people it came from God.   God does not show hate, judge, or condemn.  It is the darkness of ego in the human mind that does that.  God is all loving and all knowing of all he has created.

An Islamic radical terrorist is no different than a fundamentalist extremist Christian who force feeds negative hatred words to all those around them.   The slight difference is that an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist resorts to violent crimes on humanity through the act of killing. A fundamentalist Christian has caused equal harm, but in lower numbers simply because they still manage to follow the laws of the land in the U.S.  If it was free reign to cause the same harm as an Islamic radical terrorist does, then they would be doing just that.

While there are endless reports surfacing from various sources that they saw Omar Mateen frequent the Pulse gay night club, or chat with them on a gay hook up app, yet there are no reports of him actually meeting with people on the app or engaging in activity that would make one gay.  It’s easy to jump to conclusions that he is a closeted gay man and that this is the result of self-loathing just because he was seen in the bar and on gay hook up app and then targeted gays to kill.  He was doing all of those things to scope out the area.  There is no physical evidence of anyone coming forward to having done anything with Omar Mateen that would point to him being gay.  Speculation and surety that you communicated with him doesn’t mean he’s gay.  You can see how quickly the media has blown this up by putting up a few headlines, and then it gets picked up and everyone is stating it as fact without evidence.  This is typically how public opinion works, then eons drudge on as a lie is believed because you want it to be true.

Islamic radical terrorists are incredibly patient and fearless.  This was also evident in that Omar barged into nightclub that had an estimated 300 people in it and killed about 50 while harming just as many.  He did this all on his own without interference.

An Islamic radical terrorist will spend years plotting and planning until they are ready to carry out vengeance against humanity.  Omar shared the same values as an Isis terrorist, which is they hate anyone who is not like them.  This means that includes gays, women, Christians, and all other races outside of his own.   This also means that all of America is a target.  Everyone in America is at risk.   He may have been born in the United States, but his upbringing within his household was archaic.  His father, Seddique Mir Mateen, might be playing the victim in the media, but he is no victim and nor is Omar’s second wife, Noor Zahi Salman, who knew he was going to carry out these attacks and said nothing to the authorities.  She scouted these locations with him including the Pulse nightclub.  If Omar was closeted, he would not have brought his wife with him.  He was also in contact with her during the shooting while he was at the club.

Omar chose the Pulse nightclub because of the layout design.  There are limited ways of exited the club which means it would be challenging for anyone to escape easily.   He chose to carry out the attack on the night he did as he discovered that the turnout would be a good one in his eyes.   He wanted to kill as many as possible.  This was why he had been gradually scouting the place for years.  He was infiltrating his presence into the gay culture like a method actor, but it doesn’t mean he was gay.   When the darkness of ego in humankind hates something, what do they do?  They obsess over it, comment on it, follow it, and in Omar’s case puts on the acting face and goes into these places with the hopes of luring unsuspecting victims.  He seemed to do that successfully as there are those who insist he was a closeted gay.  No, you’ve just been had is all and victim to Omar Mateen’s manipulative ways.

This massacre will naturally and ultimately strike the hearts of so many, but no more than those who are gay.  They will feel that this was personal.  While it might appear to be personal, Omar was not only anti-gay, but he was also anti-anyone not like him including jews, women, blacks, hispanics and you name it.  This was not a result of him potentially being gay and therefore carried out something like this due to self-loathing.  This guy doesn’t have that kind of consciousness.  He was always a mixture of charming to erratic, abusive, reckless, aggressive, hate.  He was someone who would walk into a room and people would feel uncomfortable as he was a bit of a fearless bully.

During the Orlando shooting, Omar stated to those who survived and heard his words that he, “wouldn’t stop his assault until America stopped bombing his country.”  He might have been born in America, but his mindset was that he was not an American, but from Afghanistan, as that was where his parents were from.  Even though he was born in America, his parents brought him up by infusing the Muslim faith and Afghanistan culture into him.  While there is nothing illegal about raising your child under the Muslim faith in America, his father is a devout Muslim that supports the Taliban, which has extremist violent views on the rest of the world that they have interest in carrying out.  This isn’t saying that one should be suspicious of all Muslims, because not all are bad, just like not all Christians are bad.  There are good and bad people in every single group that exists, but one still needs to be cautious and suspect to avoid having another attack such as the one that happened in the 2016 Orlando Massacre shooting.

Omar Mateen had been investigated by the FBI several times over the years, but nothing came about that.  There was also an investigation on the Mosque that Omar was attending regularly that had Taliban ties, but the investigation was halted under the direction of Hillary Clinton’s tenure in the State Department as they didn’t want anyone to resort to profiling.   The world now saw the result of that action.   If an ongoing investigation by the U.S. government had been allowed, then it might’ve saved the lives of those who were murdered in the Orlando nightclub.   This dangerous view of being naïve to the point that you don’t want to cause anyone offense is resulting in violent deaths of innocent Americans.

Heaven puts these warnings in front of other souls to take notice and follow up on to prevent premature death of people who are killed before ones time, but they cannot interfere with any soul’s  free will choice or action to not follow up on the signs you are given.  This is an example of the catastrophe that can come out of that over one decision.

While the Orlando Shooting is seen as a hate crime in some circles, and it most certainly was a hate crime, but it was ultimately an Islamic Radical Terrorist attack.   Omar Mateen was scouting other locations outside of the gay nightclub to carry out his attack including the family oriented Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  This shows his motives weren’t supremely gay related.

Eye witnesses in the Pulse nightclub heard Omar say that he wouldn’t stop his assault until America stopped bombing his country.   You heard it from the horse’s mouth.  His attacks were motivated by the same beliefs as Isis.  Omar further confirmed this in his phone call to News 13 of Orlando while he was in the club and told them, “I am the shooter.”  He then said that “he had carried out the Pulse attack for the Islamic State and began speaking quickly in Arabic.”  That statement points to the motive being larger than the suspected anti-gay loathing some seem to firmly believe, even though there is no hard evidential proof.  You can frequent a gay night club and message people on a gay hook up app, but that doesn’t mean that you’re gay.   Omar had an ulterior motive which was more or less researching.

In his 9-1-1 call while in the middle of his shooting he expressed sympathy for the Boston Marathon bombers, which also points to the Pulse attack being one of terrorism.   A former colleague of Omar’s ultimately quit his job because the company he was working for refused to do anything about the suspicious terrorist rhetoric that Omar was observing.  The colleague said, “Omar had talked often about killing people and had voiced hatred of gays, blacks, women and Jews.”  He emphasized that his hatred seem to be strongest towards both women and those of Jewish faith.  During the shooting there were no homophobic rants or anti-gay rhetoric coming from Omar’s mouth, but instead he was pledging his allegiance to Isis.

These senseless attacks serve as wake up calls to wake up humanity to get smart that the world has a problem and it’s opposition are those who are somehow affiliated to Isis.  From the perspective of an Isis terrorist, they see themselves as the good guys wiping out any who are not like them.  This is because they view any who are not like them as filthy and unclean.  They feel they are doing a service by eliminating them.  They do not view them as souls in a human body, but rather pieces of the devil.  Of course in reality it is the blind sighted members of Isis who are misguided and know nothing of God.  As I mentioned in my books, “Darkness of Ego” and “The Seven Deadly Sins” these attacks will continue and Isis will continue to grow even larger in the coming years.

A crime scene such as this one can forever be imprinted onto the minds of whoever bared witness to it.  I can see Omar Mateen walking towards the front door of the club and immediately begin firing.  I can see his face and feel his feelings of joy as if he’s doing a good thing.   I can see the faces of those around the club and the feelings they felt as this horrific assault took place without any warning and everyone charged to find a way to escape it.

Nothing prepares anyone for what they see in the aftermath.  Trying to identify all the bodies with drinks scattered about, purses flung around, half eaten food.   There was no suffering in the deaths of these people, which can be a welcome relief to those who wonder if their deaths were met with suffering.  This tragedy will forever alter the human spirit to wake up and realize that peace on Earth is still a ways off for as long as hearts remain closed and love and compassion for all is non-existent.  Days after this massacre, nothing has changed as people from all sides continue to argue and attack others over it. They’ve learned nothing in all this and nor will anything change as a result, except for one thing.  This attack will open up some of the minds or consciousness in those who typically were not big on gays or gay anything.  This will begin the process of awakening something within them where their heart grows just a little bit more.



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