The main reason all souls are here is to love

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I’m still getting the same loss and grief messages that I got on my earlier June 10th post. I was hoping to get something else, but clearly they want me to continue talking about this. They’re pointing out the continued mood around the planet. It isn’t a terrible surprise considering that this seems to be a time of loss and grief.

We’re on the heels of the massacre that took place at the nightclub in Orlando in the middle of the night over the weekend. It shook the planet in all corners of the globe regardless if anyone knew someone affiliated with the attacks or not.

Some are trying to make sense of it and figure out how something like this could’ve happened. Others are angry, confused, depressed, or upset on some level. These roller coaster emotions are a natural human instinct in response to something like that. It can be exhausting as one attempts to find that place where healing can begin. There is definitely tons of confusing emotions being darted around aimlessly without a fixed pattern.

I mentioned back on the 10th that losses happen for a reason. Part of that is to wake people up. This unfortunate mass murder has been alerting anyone with a conscious to evaluate the state of humanity on an even grander scale.

The answer is always more love as the angels say. The main reason all souls are here is to love. This isn’t about tolerating something, it’s about finding that space of an all accepting inclusive love even if you disagree with something or someone. It’s finding that space where you can objectively see their point of view even if you feel it might be flawed. It’s to learn how to love and how to raise your consciousness. It’s to help you grow and expand.

Hearts continue to be closed as long as attacks of any kind on anyone continues. It doesn’t matter what someone said or did, but how you choose to react to it. Reacting in an attack is not going to give someone an epiphany. It’s just throwing gasoline on fire that wastes energy and gets everyone nowhere.


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