Largest Massacre in United States History at Gay Club in Orlando

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Omar Mateen was the killer who drove 90 miles to carry out this senseless violence. He also wasn’t necessarily that religious, although he would lay down a mat and chant and pray to Allah several times a day. He was not only anti-gay, but he was anti-woman, anti-jewish, anti-christian, anti-black, and the list goes on and on. Anyone who does not subscribe to the beliefs of Isis is a target. This means the world is a threat.

This guy was previously investigated, but the FBI didn’t have enough on him. As I’ve also mentioned in the past, in the U.S., the authorities can’t do anything until the person does something that is considered a U.S. crime. They know where all of these ISIS members or sympathetic ISIS followers are living throughout America, but this is America and you can be a part of ISIS if you want. That’s not illegal. It’s illegal once you commit a crime of course, but by then as we witnessed with this and other similar acts of violence, it’s too late.

The violent attacks continue on as more lives are lost at the hands of terrorism. A night club in Orlando, Florida was the target this time taking the lives of more than 50 people and harming just as many.  While attacks may be unusual in the states, this is a daily event in places like Iraq or Afghanistan. Many terrorists claim to kill in the name of God, but the God they kill for is their dark ego. God doesn’t instruct others to kill in His name. The more love and peace you display, the closer to God you are.

Mother Mary says this Orlando attack is a result of closed hearts. When you have an open heart, you’re not going on a shooting spree. When in doubt, or plagued by fear, or anger, direct your focus on love and acceptance. The way to resolve conflict is by opening your heart and showing the way to peace.

As Matthew one my guides said in the holy book, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” They’re not causing harm or violence on another – except in self defense and to stomp out the darkness of ego. Those are the warriors of the light. The peacemakers are the ones leading the charge to bring love and peace around the globe. Tragedies such as this latest attack are reminders of the reality that exists on the planet and that much work needs to be done to wake people up and open more hearts.


People have always been confused as to which political party I support.  Some have called me a Democrat, others have called me a Republican.  I’m not either.  I’ve never disguised the fact that I’ve been a lifelong Independent.  I think for myself even if I stand alone weighing what all sides are saying rather than going along with it because I despise one party over another.

I don’t care for either party, but I never thought I’d see the day when a Republican candidate would shout out his undying support for those who are gay.  This is a positive step towards change.  Change happens from being inside that particular party.  Opposing parties do nothing to sway the opinion of the other side.  Someone needs to be hanging dangerously close to the middle to be able to see clearly and bridge the divide.

Donald Trump is the first official Republican political candidate to announce his vocal support for gays.    He sprinkled his half hour speech in New Hampshire with his raving support for the LGBT community as well as all Americans.  He has illustrated time and again how much he wants to improve America and improve the quality of life.

As I stated nearly a year ago, Trump would be the one that alters the Republican party and bridge the wide gap of opposing sides.  This is also why spirit is taking him all the way to the finish line since drastic change needs to take place or the downfall of America will continue.

Many who are gay have been vocally coming out in support of Trump.  The numbers of the LGBT community supporting Donald Trump increased after the Orlando shooting.   The Orlando shooting was one big wake up call that things are not right in the United States. You have one shooter kill 49 people and injure 53.  When you take a big step back to look at the whole picture, this would seem impossible.  People were unprepared to fight back and many realized afterwards that we’ve got a problem.  And there is one man who truly cares about doing something about that problem and he is the Trump dude.

Many Democrats have changed their tune and realized that the two party system no longer works.  Donald Trump may be running as a Republican, but in reality he is more of an Independent.

As for Trump coming out so to speak in support of those who are gay.  This message has reached supporters of Trump who might not necessarily be gay friendly or have even considered it. Many of them are now standing in support of gays too as well.  Not all of Clinton’s supporters are gay friendly.  Trump’s words carry weight and this has carried over into the mantra of his followers.  Like the angels have said, he is bridging the divide. We know Clinton is gay friendly, but Trump’s latest speech has helped him in terms of how some gays feel about him.

This is likely the first time in political history that two presidential nominees of opposing parties both support the gays.  Unfortunately, this isn’t good enough for some who oppose Trump and want to continue to rail on him and his supporters no matter what he says. This will only ignite his popularity even more. People are over the bullying and the double standard.  The same people attacking Trump are no different than a bully.  It also doesn’t bridge this divide either.  It has done anything in the way of meeting half way.  Trump’s speech was more or less extending the olive branch and clearing the air that this Orlando attack is not only a hate crime, but an attack on America.

Ironically, those attacking Trump for saying some nice words about gays are not bothering to make a bigger stink over all of the anti-gay rhetoric from people like Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church.  This guy said he was all in favor of having gays killed.

Pastor Jimenez said, “As a Christian, we shouldn’t be mourning the death of 50 sodomites. Let me go ahead and start right there. As a Christian, we shouldn’t be sad or upset,” Jimenez said in his sermon, “The bible does teach that homosexuality deserves the death penalty. Leviticus 20:13 says that if a man lie with mankind like he does with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and will surely be put to death. Romans 1 says that they which commit such things are worthy of death,” Jimenez said. “My whole point was, if people die who deserve to die, we don’t need to be mourning that. This gunman there that shot people up, the bible says he deserves to die, he died and we shouldn’t be mourning his death, either. That’s the whole point I was making, and it’s been taken out of context.”

Instead, Trump is the continued obsession of critique once again causing misguided hatred.  If you were unsure of what you thought about Donald Trump before, his speech in New Hampshire after the Orlando shooting really solidifies it.  It was probably the first moving speech that I heard Donald Trump give:

In memory of all those affected by the biggest mass murder in U.S. history at the nightclub in Orlando, Florida.   Rise above the darkness and into the light.

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~  Kevin Hunter


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