Does coffee and alcohol block one’s psychic abilities?

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Does coffee and alcohol block one’s psychic abilities?

Yes. That’s the short answer. The longer answer is that it significantly dims and blocks Divine communication. Coffee would also include products with high caffeine content. Everyone’s body chemistry is different where someone can have a cup of coffee and it’s not going to completely block the communication line, while others will receive a complete block. It’s when you get into super high caffeine amounts where your stress and anxiety levels rise. It’s the stress and anxiety feelings that dim and block the communication.

Someone can have a beer or two max and they find it awakens the connection line with the other side. Yet, the connection is short lived, because then you start coming down off the high within an hour or two later. Your vibration starts to drop and the match between your spirit and Heaven grows further away.

When you get into three glasses of wine or you’re drinking a six pack, then you’re just in a drunk state and have no connection. You might pick up on a word or two from God and your Spirit team, but anything coming in is garbled and unclear. A drunken state will give you a complete block. Your mind is all over the place and unfocused. The key to a crystal clear connection with Heaven is when your vibration is high and you are centered and clear minded. Drinking heavy alcohol until you’re in a stupor will mess with this clear mindedness and drop your vibration.

Your team is always communicating with you when needed, but if you’re not picking up on anything, then notice what you’re consuming that can be the culprit. What you ingest plays a part in what blocks the connection line. This includes foods and drinks. Notice what feelings you’re experiencing. If there are any negative based emotions within and around you, then that will have an effect on the communication line.

Centuries ago we didn’t have the foods, drinks, and negative emotional stresses that we have now. We weren’t preoccupied by all of these physical material based distractions. We spent more time outdoors and in nature. The connections were clearer then.

This isn’t telling anyone to quit drinking coffee, or caffeine, or alcohol, or bad foods. It’s merely offering what can dim or block the communication line for those concerned. These are basic guidelines that you can take into account or disregard if you choose. As stated, everyone’s body chemistry is different and someone can have a beer or a cup of coffee and still have the connection, while someone else notices that it diminishes.

Note what is a human made substance and what comes from the Earth. Human made substances tend to play a part in dimming the connection, while anything from the Earth can help enhance it such as fruits and vegetables. In the end, when one doesn’t want to give up what they love, remember the moderation rule if you’re trying to have a stronger connection.

If you’re going to read for yourself or someone else, then hold off on drinking those two margaritas until you’re done. Hold off on eating a large meal as that can weigh you down and reduce any heavenly communication.



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