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Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Moon tarot card in a reading operates like the Full Moon transit and carries with it similar meanings. It can indicate timing on a situation coming to fruition on a Full Moon or taking place at night.

When the Moon card shows up in a reading it can ask you to pay attention to your inner feelings, dreams, and emotions. It can also be telling someone that the truth or answer you’re looking for will be revealed. This is about what’s hidden, secrets, and the unseen.

If you think a situation seems to be perfect, this card may be telling you that there is something that hasn’t been revealed yet that can make or break that. This is the same as if a circumstance is seemingly bad, then this card may be telling you that it’s not as bad as it seems. Or that you’re not seeing the whole picture and things are not as bad as you think.
The two cards following the Moon give the reader an idea as to what’s about to be revealed whether positive or negative. The Moon indicates secrets untold or living in darkness trying to find your way through.

The Moon can also be saying that you already know the answer to the question you’re asking. This is the psychic intuition card and you need to pay attention to your gut, hunches, and your Spirit team. What was the first reaction response you got on the question without second guessing it? You already know the answer.

This card indicates anxieties, confusion, hyper emotions, depression, and fears. The guidance can be to tune into your feelings for the answers or that clarity is needed.

In a love reading there can be two sides to interpret the Moon. One is that there is deception lurking around or heavy anxiety ridden emotions in you or another. The card can be telling someone that they’re moving through a heavy emotional time.

If you’re single and have your eye on someone in particular then this card can be showing a lack of clarity with this person. It can be that the person is not a stable partner for you, or it can reveal them to be an emotional person who is in tune, or this person is hiding something. It can also show them as creative person who works in the artistic worlds (photography, film, writing, etc.)

If you’re in a love relationship, it can show that there is deep emotional love, but that you or your partner is having insecurities and anxieties about it. You’re worrying about something negative being there that isn’t. On the flip side, trust your gut instinct, if you think all is well, this card can say that the person you’re in love with might not be what they seem and is hiding something – perhaps feelings.

When one is in love with someone, they tend to see that person through rose colored glasses or a hazy lens. The person is not as perfect as you’re making them out to be. This is also because there is no human being that is perfect and flawless in the end. Everyone is battling with challenges, ego, demons, or stresses from one degree to another.

The Moon card typically shows a wolf howling up at a huge moon. The symbolism of the wolf is about adapting to a situation you have no control over. Wolves are highly telepathic intelligent hunters, and they follow their intuition. They are able to be alone and navigate through the darkness. They are also loyal and mate for life. The lobster crawling out of the water is also typical of a Moon card. The lobster symbolism is about sinking into emotional depths, but coming out of that transformed and rejuvenated.

In the end, the Moon is about feelings, deep emotions, illusion, deception, secrets, the unseen, feeling lost. The light side of the Moon card is inspiration, creativity, creating, coming out of the darkness, psychic intuition.


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