How to Tell What is You or Your Guide. Communicating with Heaven, Guides, and Angels – Part 7

Communicating With Heaven
(sample excerpt from the book,
Ignite Your Inner Life Force“)

How can I tell what is me and what is my Guide or Angel?

When it’s you talking then you will hear the word, “I”.  It will be bathed in either dark ego or negativity such as, “I’m not qualified to write about this topic.”

When it’s your Guide or Angel, then you will hear the word, “You”.  It will be immersed in love or optimism.  This voice will say something like, “You will write about this topic as you are qualified more than you realize.”   The voices of spirit are of a high vibration and filled with uplifting love that assists you or someone else in a positive way.   The chatter in your mind causes confusion and chaos pushing you to act on those voices.  Anything urging you to hurt yourself or someone else in any fashion is the chatter in your mind and not God.  Voices from spirit are direct, optimistic, and filled with compassion and love, even if it’s sending you a warning.  The feeling of being trapped at times is another sign of one having high psychic abilities.  You’re more in tune than those who operate from pure ego.  The trapped feeling is also the absorbing of the harsh energies being darted around this planet.  You’re absorbing it without intending to.

Run tests such as keeping a journal or notebook and record the information, messages, and guidance that you think is your Spirit team.  Revert back to the notebook over time to see if what you wrote down ended up coming true or had a positive effect.  If it did, then you know it was heavenly guidance.  If it didn’t, then that can also help in deciphering that it was your ego or an estimated guess.  With continued practice, you begin to notice when the guidance you pick up on is more on the mark or not

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