Clairaudience. Communicating with Heaven, Guides, and Angels – Part 4

Communicating With Heaven
(sample excerpt from the book,
Ignite Your Inner Life Force“)

Clairaudience means “Clear Hearing” (or Clear Audio).  When you’re clairaudient you hear the voices of God and your Spirit team.   You can differentiate between the voices of you and the voices of Heaven by its accuracy of the message being relayed.   When you look back during the times you were in danger, you might recall when you received a heavenly message through that channel.  When there is an urgent situation that could put you in danger, you may hear a voice shout, “Run!”  And this gets you up and going.  You later protest that if you didn’t run who knows what might’ve happened.

I have strong clairaudience and I hear voices, words, and sounds coming in through one of my ears that later comes true.   One of my ears is partially deaf.  Ironically that is the ear that the messages come in the strongest as if it’s loud and clear.   I’ve been an avid music listener since I was a child, and I had dreams of being a rocker or musician.  I could live without communicating in any form except through the sounds of music.  I hear the words clearly from my Spirit team as I’m listening to the notes and chord changes in a song.  The words of Spirit flow and interweave through these notes effortlessly.   My clairaudience channel works much like an old radio where you’re changing the station between the static to receive a clear station.

Every so often a ringing in my ear buzzes and it’s a sound that hasn’t been detected to be a medical issue.  It’s been like that my entire life.  This buzzing is the sound of my Spirit team downloading important information into my consciousness that is discovered to be of importance at a later date.  I’ve relayed messages to a stranger about someone who has passed on that they know.  I’ve said their loved ones name as it is the name I hear through clairaudience. Hearing things about others through this channel is what has convinced me that there is more to this life than this plane.  I’m communicating with someone on the other side who I do not know.  The stranger I’m relaying the information to informs me that it’s someone they knew who passed away.

There is no way I can know this information when it’s a stranger, but they have confirmed that what I’ve told them is true.  I hear the deceased person talking in my ear.  They are not dead in the sense that one believes someone to be dead.  They reside ‘somewhere’ and are very much alive and well.  Having these occurrences happen sporadically throughout my life since I was old enough to construct sentences has convinced me that this is not the end.  I may not be able to hand over the material physical concrete proof that a non-believer would desire, but I have proof enough for myself.   Whether someone believes in it or not is their journey to face, while I have mine.

Those with higher ranges of clairaudience tend to be musicians and singers.  They might not be aware of it, but they can certainly develop it.  If someone’s work is connected to sounds and music, then they hear guidance and messages through the notes of these sounds.  Ludwig Van Beethoven composed some of the most memorable and beloved music in history, yet he was also considered deaf.  This irony begged others to question, “How on Earth did he write these incredible pieces if he is deaf?”   His hearing was faint, but spirit infused his clairaudience channel with music that has long been remembered over the centuries.

Other clairaudients may find that they mumble or talk to themselves, and yet they’re perfectly sane.  They find they’re having conversations with spirit without realizing it or trying to.  It’s talking as if you talk to a friend on the phone.  The conversations or talking isn’t random and full of gibberish.  It is clear concise information that later proves true, or is positively helpful to that person or another.

The voices a clairaudient hears through their “Ear Chakra” are not to be mistaken with the voices that others hear instructing them to murder their Children or cause any other harm, hurt, or hate on someone else.   They claim the words come from God, or that God is showing up in the form of that person, but that is all inaccurate.   The voices of God, Heaven, and Spirit will never instruct someone to hate, harm, or hurt themselves or anyone else.  Those are the voices of that person’s ego.  The voices coming from God are always empowering, uplifting, and full of love even when warning of danger.  These are traits that are the opposite of an individual claiming to be of God.   Heaven instructs or offers messages and guidance that can help that individual or another person positively and with compassion.  Those who are clairaudient will hear things that no one else can hear.

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