Clairsentience. Communicating with Heaven, Guides, and Angels – Part 3

Communicating With Heaven
(sample excerpt from the book,
Ignite Your Inner Life Force“)

Clairsentience means, “clear feeling”, (or “clear sensation”).  This is when you feel the messages, guidance and impressions coming in from Heaven.  Those who have high clairsentience might walk into a building and feel as if all eyes are on them.  Or they will pick up on a sense of foreboding that tells them to get out of a particular place.  They perceive danger is about to happen and then it soon does.   They also intuit good stuff that is coming into their vicinity as well, which ends up happening.   You might have a strong upbeat joyful feeling that the job you want is going to come about, and then this later proves true.   Having clairsentience is when your Spirit team communicates messages and guidance through your feelings.

You might be the kind of person who becomes emotionally upset when someone you’re interested in romantically is not reciprocating that interest.  You text and email this person regularly hoping to illicit a response that is satisfying to you.  Yet the object of your desire is casual in their reply when communicating with you, or they continuously drop the ball with your text dalliance.  You question whether or not they’re truly interested in you.  When they throw you a bone and click ‘like’ on one of your social media posts, then you’re suddenly on cloud nine believing they’re interested in you.  Soon you grow upset when a week has passed and you haven’t heard from them. While repeatedly becoming emotionally upset over something like this comes from your ego, the emotional upset you’re experiencing is a clairsentient message that this person is not as interested as you were hoping.   They might be interested in you on some level, but not in the way you crave.   To endure keeping this connection alive will only frustrate and depress you.   When they give you a rare ‘like’ or comment on your social media page, or they text you, then this catapults you into feeling as if this person is deeply interested in you.

One should avoid engaging with someone who is seriously interested in you in a way that you are not with them.  The reason is the person deeply interested in you sees any form of contact you make with them as a sign of interest.   Even if the contact you make is telling the other person to stop contacting you.  It doesn’t matter since you’re giving that person attention, whether it is good or bad, it’s still attention and gets them going.   This is why you cut that out cold turkey and do not respond or show interest to someone that you do not have deep feelings for, but you know they feel deeply for you.    Pay attention to your feelings, as this is the accurate barometer gauge on what is real and what is not.    When you move your ego out of the way, you’re able to decipher the accuracy of Heaven’s incoming messages through clairsentience.

Someone with clairsentience can be all over the place when it comes to feelings and emotions.  You will want to ensure you work on well-being exercises that keep your emotional balance on an equal footing in order to communicate with Heaven efficiently.  With clairvoyance, the clairvoyant will hear someone telling them a story, and will see the story as if it were a movie and actually happening to them.  With clairsentience, the person listening to the story will ‘feel’ what’s happening in the story as if it’s happening to them.  Sometimes if it’s a horrific story, the clairsentient may say, “You have to stop.”  Because the feelings they’re experiencing over the story are so overwhelming it’s as if it’s happening to them.

Gifted actors tend to have highly calibrated clair channels, which enable them to effectively inhabit a character as if they’re walking in that person’s shoes.   In the media today, you see good-looking people attempting to become successful actors.  They rarely experience success, because they only look good on the surface, but have clair channels that are not bouncing off the scale.  This is why some will see movies or television shows with someone super good looking and find them to be lousy actors.  They were hired for their looks and not their talent, since the entertainment industry knows that the public gets off on staring at some eye candy.

If you have heard others accuse you of always being too sensitive, then this is a clue that you may have a high degree of clairsentient gifts, which are ready to be awakened.  When others find you too sensitive, it can be because every little thing that someone says or does bothers you.  Your ego is unable to control your reaction.  When you develop your clairsentience and understand how it works, how to shield yourself, then you react less to every shred that comes your way.

When you have clairsentience, you receive hunches and gut feelings about situations and circumstances.  You hear a friend say, “I just had this gut feeling that I should’ve gone down this other road instead.  I should’ve listened to it, otherwise this would not have happened.”  This is a sign that you’re receiving guidance and messages from your Spirit team.  Those with clairsentience absorb other people’s energy like a sponge.  They may find it difficult to be in overcrowded areas.  They’ve complained that it’s challenging standing in a grocery store line due to the heavy input of other people’s energies.  You can sense the emotions and feelings of others and know what feels wrong to you.   This can be psychic overload, which is why those with strong clairsentience keep to themselves or stay away from crowds or large amounts of people as much as possible.

Clairsentient people feel every little nuance around them. At times this becomes uncomfortable and draining.   This prompts them to take frequent breaks of alone time.  They sense everything around them from people’s emotions to what’s to come for someone.  Their internal feelings are all over the place like a roller coaster ride.  They may give the illusion they are extremely put together on the outside, but on the inside they’re wrestling with all sorts of uneasy emotions that constantly ebb and flow like the ocean.  They are prone to being a bit jumpy as if someone moved quickly behind them.  They turn around to find no one there.  Clairsentient people are ridden with anxiety, nervousness, and have a fight or flight response to any and all around them.   Imagine absorbing everyone else’s feelings being poured into you and how that might make you feel.

A clairsentient being feels the answers, messages, and guidance filtering through them from Heaven. The way Heaven communicates with this person is through their feeling sense.  Someone who senses something specific that has happened, is happening, or is going to happen is someone who has a strong clairsentient channel.  They are super sensitive to every nuance around them.  Those who have incarnated from the Realm of the Incarnated Angel tend to have a high degree of clairsentience.

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