Clairvoyance. Communicating with Heaven, Guides, and Angels – Part 2

Communicating With Heaven
(sample excerpt from the book,
Ignite Your Inner Life Force“)

Clairvoyance means “Clear Seeing” (or “Clear Vision”).   You have clairvoyance if you receive visual images, cues, or impressions through your minds eye.   Your mind’s eye is also called the third eye.   The third eye looks like an eye and is located between your two physical eyes, but slightly raised above it.  It cannot be seen with your physical eyes.  If you close your eyes and focus on seeing your third eye, then you should be able to see it with practice.  It is behind the area between where your eyes are located turned right side up.  When you see violet light around the third eye area or in your peripheral vision, then your clairvoyance is opening up.   Someone might be born into this lifetime blind through their physical eyes, yet they receive powerful psychic visual impressions through their third eye.  The third eye is where your clairvoyance channel sees the messages and guidance ones Spirit team is communicating to them.  Your Guides and Angels show you these messages through a moving picture like a movie, which later proves to be true.

Clairvoyant messages often need to be decoded.   The reason is the communication is being brought to you through a moving visual picture or still image.  The significance of the illustration does not always mean what is being shown to you.  It is up to you to decipher what the message is supposed to be about.   If you are someone who has vivid dreams, which you recall long after you’ve woken up from sleep, then this is a sign that you have clairvoyant abilities.  If you find clairvoyance to be your strongest clair, then investigate on awakening this channel and cracking it open.

Here’s an example of clairvoyance:  You are asleep and having a dream where you are walking the streets at night. There are hundreds of snakes and cobras moving about around you attacking everyone except you.  As a clairvoyant, it’s your goal to decipher what this moving image means, because it’s highly unlikely that this is an image showing you of what’s to come.  It can mean that you’re a rising successful star in your profession who is untouchable, but this is not met without enemies.  There is someone or many who are or will be jealous of you.  This could be one way to interpret the dream of the snakes attacking everyone around except you.

You have clairvoyance if you also see spirits from the other side.  It looks as if they’re in front of you or to the side of you.  They don’t look like actual physical people, which is the way they’re portrayed in some Hollywood films.  They look more opaque or translucent.  You may even see them as lights or sparkling lights in your peripheral vision.   For some, your conscious will block your abilities to see spirits for fear of seeing a deceased spirit looking the way they had when they passed away.  They might have died a violent death such as a murder or car accident.   The spirit is fine and doesn’t look like that on the other side, but they can appear how they choose to a human soul.  This sometimes includes how they looked when they died or the age they passed away.  If they died a violent death, then they might appear that way to be recognizable to you.   Someone’s grandfather passed away at 92 years old, but when he crossed over he appears in top form looking like a young 25-34 year old human.  He might appear 92 years old in human years to a psychic medium in order for that medium to relay what is coming through on a reading for someone.  You might not know who the medium was talking about if your grandfather appeared the way he did at 25 years old.  He would look significantly different if he appeared as he is on the other side.

Clairvoyant messages can come in the disguise of symbols, numbers, colors, letters, words, and pictures that have a meaning to you or someone else.   It can be something from the past, the present, or future.  Those who have clairvoyance have a tendency to daydream.   These daydreams may be random or they may be images of what’s happened, what’s happening, or what’s to come.  They see their own future as if it’s a vision board of what is to take place at some point.  When someone tells a clairvoyant friend a story, the clairvoyant is living the story as if it’s happening to them personally.  They see the story as if they are the main character.

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