Full Moon on Saturday, Mercury changing directions Sunday

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The message for this weekend for everyone says, “New Exercise Program”. What they’re telling me is that this is really more about self care. The triple header storm will be present this weekend with the Full Moon on Saturday and Mercury sitting stationary on Sunday. An accumulation of everything that’s been going on energetically the last month or two is coming to a head this weekend. Starting Monday things will gradually begin the process of lightening up. And then June will be much smoother than May. Until then, take extra care of yourself this weekend. Watch your thoughts, feelings, and what you do and who you communicate with. Save serious discussions for June. Take everything with a grain of salt. Look at the bright side of situations. Get out into nature and connect with spirit. Get your body moving in any exercise of your choice whether it’s brisk walking or weight lifting. Do something fun and take care of YOU.



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