Remember gratitude during this testy Mars/Mercury Retrograde Full Moon energy

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This weeks reminder is humility, appreciation, and gratefulness. It’s a testy month, but it doesn’t help when your focus is on the drama swirling around you. When you shift that energy into something positive, it’s less hostile. Be appreciative for the good that you have in your life now. This is shifting negative complaining words and thoughts into something positive. What you’re thinking and feeling now is what dictates the direction of how your life will go in the coming months. Sometimes you can get caught up in what you don’t have instead of the good that you do. In prayer, learn to use the phrase, “Thank you.” And when your desires come to fruition remember to say, “Thank you.” It’s easy to get caught up in the good that comes in that you suddenly ignore where these blessings are coming from. The feeling behind being grateful is a high vibration energy which attracts in more of the same. Gratitude goes a long way.

The danger with this Mercury/Mars Retrograde dance going on is that you’ve got the Mars Retrograde which gives one impulsive anger issues flying out like Tourette syndrome, then you have the Mercury Retrograde which gives one communication issues.  Put both of those together and you’ve got a triple header storm.

I’ve been listening to others over the last few weeks who have been reaching out to me with their stories and it’s one blow up after another involving someone else. These stories are super heightened with dramatics. Some of it involving physical assault! And it’s not ending well.  Lots of dramatics. I ‘m listening to these in a haze of calm and then adding, “Remember this is not a good time to bring up serious issues?”

On the one hand it’s a good thing to practice not losing it even though you want to.  I’m just not seeing it end well for so many.  Not one has resulted positively.  At the same time holding it in doesn’t help either, but there are outlets to channel it in an optimistic creative way.  The Mercury Retrograde causes confusion and misunderstandings. This includes how one takes what’s being said and misinterprets it.   You react when normally under any other transit you’d be fine.  We’re also approaching this intense Full Moon on Saturday.  The pressure cooker is bubbling right now and that doesn’t help. This is why it’s important to transform those thoughts into something positive. Ignore the cattle and the noise.


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