The Star. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. It was getting a little intense with the last few Major Arcana cards I had posted. The challenges of the Death, Temperance, The Devil, and The Tower cards have now brought us to the card of hope: The Star card. The stars in the sky are a symbol of reaching the light at the end of the dark tunnel. It is looking up to the Heavens and the Universe for guidance and support. It is strengthening your connection with God and your Spirit team.

The Star in the Tarot is mostly an upbeat and optimistic card full of promise of good things to come. It typically shows up when a glimmer of hope is about to reveal itself that all will end well. It may show up when you’ve been going through some challenging times to let you know that it’s smooth sailing up ahead and the worst is over. Now the healing process begins.

This card can also point to emotional or physical healing taking place. The previous four cards mentioned tend to be brought upon by the ego, whereas the Star indicates a time of transcending the material and ego, and instead evolving into spiritual based pursuits. It’s a reminder to not allow your faith to waver. Believe that anything is possible, and that what you desire is on its way.

The image of the Star card tends to show a naked human figure with one foot on the Earth and the other in a pool or lake, while pouring water into it from a flask. The symbolism of the water pouring into water is allowing circumstances to flow freely. Things are flowing positively in your life or will be if they aren’t already.

The one foot planted on Earth is connected to being grounded and stable, while the one foot in the water is connected to God, a higher consciousness, spiritual bliss, and intuition. This card can also show a time of psychic insight and creativity. Trust your instincts and pay attention to the first initial hunches you receive.

The nude image isn’t about sexuality. The symbolism is about openness and baring ones soul without fear of needing to be protected. It’s about being free on all levels.

This is also the wish upon a star card. Whatever you’ve been wishing or hoping for is on its way. It might not be the way that you expect, but you will still be pleased with the results. The Star is the go ahead to move full steam ahead. It indicates that whatever you desire, you can have. It’s either coming on its own or will be present when you put in an effort. This is the big yes card that tells someone to go for it!

If you’re wondering what a potential lover sees in you, then this card can be indicating that they see you as a beacon of hope, an angel of light, someone who is cracked open, raw, and honest. It can also be how you see them, or that the relationship connection will be a spiritual soul connection rather than a relationship based on external desires. It is deeper than just a physical attraction.

If you are in a relationship, expect it to brighten up. If you are looking to meet someone new, get out there, mingle, and let your positive self shine bright. This is a cheery message that circumstances are going to improve. The Star is all about taking risks and going for it. The universe is cracked open and ready to bless you with your needs. This card is about being open to love if you’re single or that a potential partner is coming to you who will awaken all parts of you. It will be an ever evolving spiritual soul mate love connection.

The message here also says to be the star that your soul has always been. Don’t allow negative thinking patterns like doubt to creep in and stall you from moving forward. Allow your soul to shine bright with confidence and be receptive to what’s being handed to you. Think big and go after what you want without hesitation.

Ultimately the simplistic meaning of the Star card points to things looking up to whatever the question was posed. It is a time of harmony, serenity, centeredness, and calm, as well as powerful insights and intuitive flashes of creativity.


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