Jupiter Moves Direct Illuminating a Streak of Optimism and Luck

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PLANETARY TALK: Jupiter is moving forward this week after being retrograde since January 7th. This means we’ve got 4 more planets to wrap up its retrograde motion. The Mars and Mercury retrogrades have been causing the most havoc on day to day interpersonal circumstances, while the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades have been infiltrating life lessons and roadblocks that are prompting gradual transformations to occur over a longer period of time. Jupiter moving forward will feel as if an elephant’s foot is releasing you from its choke hold. Jupiter offers one a more optimistic attitude, which is a welcome relief when there are challenges swirling around.

Jupiter is the planet of luck ruling both Sagittarius and Pisces creatures. You suddenly win the lottery, you get that lucky break you’ve been dreaming about your whole life, or the lifelong soul mate partnership shows up in front of you out of the blue. These are all examples where Jupiter has touched his golden finger on your soul igniting it with all of the wonders and magic you could ever dream of. When Jupiter is retrograde, all of that grows dark and bleak. It had been moving Retrograde through the dark sign of Scorpio since January 7th. This heavily influenced the deepest intense depths of one’s emotional world, especially where relationships are concerned. Now that it is pushing direct, it’ll extend a sigh of exhaled relief as it cracks into the black ceiling walls of the Mercury/Mars/Saturn/Pluto Retrogrades to allow its rays of light to shine through and give one signs of hope and brilliant flashes of innovating ideas.



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