Work on balancing the giving part of your nature with receiving

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Give yourself a break and practice the joy and love of receiving. Many spiritual or compassionate people have the qualities of being a selfless giver. While this is a magnificent heavenly trait to have, you can create an imbalance when that is all you are doing. In order to bring balance into your life, be open to receive in your life as well. When someone wants to do something nice for you for a change, then welcome that with open arms. Those who are predominately givers tend to wrestle with the joy of receiving. They might fall into the category of someone taking advantage of them. Never mistake kindness for weakness.

Receiving is also giving to yourself where you are the receiver. It’s treating yourself to something you love such as a weekend getaway somewhere or a spa day if you enjoy being pampered. Whatever it is that makes you smile to receive, then go for it and give to yourself.

When you balance giving and receiving gestures, then this uplifts your mood, raises your vibration, and awakens your inner child who is bursting with creativity. If you are the kind of person who gives too much or receives without giving, then this creates an imbalance in your life. Work on balancing the giving part of your nature with receiving.

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