Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue

This is a positively helpful deck to use when wanting to take a look at major life changes or transformations one is going through in their life.  The subject of the deck surrounds butterfly’s, which are also a symbol of changing, evolving, and transforming.

I’ve been testing this deck out repeatedly and have found it to be efficiently accurate.  I’ve re-checked questions at separate intervals and received the same messages.  Although, I am Clairaudient to a good degree so it helps hearing my team tell me which cards to flip over.  My favorite part of this deck are the words or phrases chosen to be included on each card.  They point to practical areas that most everyone wrestles with at one time or another.

Each card displays photography of real life butterfly’s on it.  The essence of the images reminds me of the Flower Therapy oracle deck, where the colors are vibrant, beautiful, and glossy, however, the images don’t necessarily have much to do with the names on the cards.  This may be an issue for some who desire symbolism to be evident on a card used for giving readings.  I found that any image could have been used on each card for that matter.    I instead chose to focus on the messages coming in surrounding the word or phrases on the cards.   The butterfly photography was just a pretty background for it.

This card deck comes with a helpful guide book that offers a couple paragraphs of the general meanings of each card as well as other potential messages or guidance that could be implied.  I’m enjoying this deck and would recommend it for those who have been feeling stuck, at a standstill, and are looking for a deck that is focused on major life changes or transformations.  If you’re a huge fan of butterfly’s and collect anything related to butterfly’s, then you may enjoy this deck if just to gaze at the images.  The card stock is of strong quality, and easy to shuffle, with gilded gold sparkly edges.  The back of the card is a blue color with a butterfly in the center of it.

An example read for someone who has been going through some tough stagnancy surrounding love and wondering if it will ever happen for them.  Cards pulled were: End of an Era, Seeking and Finding, Join In.    At first glance, the names may appear vague, but if you look deeper the potential messages are evident.  “End of an Era” can indicate that the tough stagnancy or changes you’ve been going through are coming to a close.  “Seeking and Finding” can show that this next love partner is coming up on the horizon.  “Join In” can be that you will form a relationship with one another, or that you cross paths at an event, seminar, group meeting, or something pertaining to some kind of social atmosphere or gathering.

The card names include:  Adult Children, Be True To You, Body Changes, Changing Your Mind, Courage, Decisions, Dietary Change, Emotions, End of an Era, Family Changes, Finances, Forgiveness, Get Some Rest, Gracefully Aging, Grief Work, Healing the Past, Health-Care Change, Heavenly Signs, Hobbies, Join In, Keep the Faith, Leaving, Memories, Motivation, Moving, New Career, New Exercise Program, Parental Care, Realizations and Epiphanies, Relationship Dynamics, Religion and Spirituality, Retirement, Seeking and Finding, Self-Care, Self Employment, Sentimental Feelings, Sobriety, Spiritual Growth, Support, Take the Next Step Now, Volunteer, Welcome the New, Windfall, You Are Stronger Than You Know.

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