The Tower. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Tower card is another one of those that shows up in a reading that causes a stir. The ego mind immediately goes directly into upset when seeing this image.

In the image of the traditional Tower card, it tends to depict a building being blown apart with two figures being tossed from it against their will. It’s no surprise that someone might find it upsetting when they’re hoping a response to a question will be a positive one, but where there are challenges, there are blessings born out of that even if it’s not seen yet.

The building is your perfect stable world, but it is suddenly disrupted in a major way. Notice the crown being released from the hands of one of the people in the card. The crown is symbolic of being knocked off your pedestal and losing it all. Understand you lose it all in order to be reborn stronger and better than before.

As always with the Tarot, the symbolism in the images are metaphors. In this case, the building is your perfect solid world. It’s being blown apart crumbling the foundation you’ve been so comfortable with for some time. In the end it’s for good reason. You could be stuck in a long running rut, so the Universe decides it’s going to shake things up whether you like it or not. The messages with this card are not always negative, so it’s important to not jump to conclusions and assume the worst. At the same time, even if it’s a warning, it’s best to not live in the space of denial to what’s coming, and instead prepare and armor yourself so the transition isn’t as challenging, but met with the right spirit.

The Tower card in a reading indicates a sudden abrupt change about to take place or you’re in the midst of. This change can be positive or negative depending on how you perceive it. If it’s showing that a relationship or job you’re in will abruptly end, then you may either be shocked initially, but then may say, “Well, I sort of suspected it.”

In a love relationship, the Tower card doesn’t necessarily show the ending of a connection, but it can show an ending in a sense that the way the union has been will be altering in some way. Something jarring or abrupt could take place within one or the both of you that alters the dynamic of the connection. It can be something positive where you’ve been dating one another, but then something drastic happens that bonds you together on a higher level where it becomes a serious relationship. It can also show the dismantling of the connection, explosive emotional arguments, or tough times together. Or something drastic would be where you find out that one of you receives a huge job offer… another city. If you’re single, then this card can show that perhaps why love has alluded you is you’re in the middle of explosive inner changes that are helping you grow, then you’ll be ready for this next partner.

The Tower card tends to indicate abrupt and unexpected change, which can be either be a blessing or a challenge. It can show situations that have become chaotic and messy, or emotional confrontations, as well as sudden clairvoyant visions of the absolute truth to something.

This card may scare those who are typically uncomfortable with change, which most human beings are. The change that the Tower displays is radical out of the blue abrupt change, rather than a gradual process of change. You don’t have to time prepare for the kind of change the Tower brings. This is why it can be jarring. It’s an indication of your plans not going as you expected.

Remember that even though this is a challenging card and can be perceived as negative, understand that abrupt change happens for a reason and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. One of the positives of this card is that you’ve been living a life of stagnancy for six months, then this card pops up to show that something major and abrupt is going to knock that stagnancy off its axis for the better. The Tower points to major abrupt change regardless of it seeming to be a blessing or a challenge. If it shows a relationship ending, then it is a blessing in the sense that you don’t want to remain with someone who is no longer into you anyway.

On a side note, this is a perfect card to post with this explosive erratic Mars Retrograde energy we’ve got going on. Gives you a feeling of what this Tower card is like. The changes sometimes feel uncomfortable as you adjust to it.

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